Matrec and Ecopneus together for eco-innovation of recycled rubber from ELT

A project promoted by Ecopneus and realized by Matrec with the aim of researching new identities for recycled rubber from ELT . Innovation and personalization for new applications in the world of industrial design through the creation of new materials mix. The first part of project was focused on the search for new materials solutions in order to combine sustainability and circularity.
Cork, wood essences, vegetable elements, coffee and stone aggregates, were been the basis for the creation of ten new materials proposals where recycled rubber from ELT is the most representative part. Matrec is a research center for sustainable innovation and for the development of circular materials with the great ability to transform a resource into new identities with added value. There are several projects in progress aimed at transforming materials destined for landfill, in new resources for the market.