CircularTool is an instrument developed by Matrec and validated by Bureau Veritas, wich is available to customers to measure the product circularity.
The tool supports designers in the product design phase to evaluate the choice of sustainable materials and to apply the Circular Economy Eu Action Plan strategies and the Ecodesign Directive.



CircularTool is an instrument that:

  • Supports companies for measuring circularity of product
  • Guides companies in the search for alternative circular materials
  • Allows assessment and improvement actions to be carried out considering the products life cycle
  • Generates a curcularity report that can also be used for communication
  • Provides an index for comparing the circularity of products

Indice di performance

For the research of new circular material solutions to be applied to projects, CircularTool allows access to the Matrec observatory archive to select new circular materials.

In addition, the company has the possibility to create its own database where it can add materials and components to be used in projects.
The analysis methodology follows an input – output approach presenting quantitative results.

The circularity measurement takes place through KPIs that identify the environmental characteristics of the materials used (recycled content, from reuse, from by-products, from renewable sources, others) also considering disassemblability, reparability and different end-of-life scenarios.

CircularTool allows to start a certification process of the product circularity, as it refers to the technical specifications developed by Matrec.
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CircularTool: selected ADI Design Index 2022.