Art. 1 – Agreement

1.1. These terms and conditions (the “Agreement”) govern access to services, contents and information provided by MATREC S.r.l. (“Matrec”) on this website (the “Website”), upon payment of relevant consideration. The user willing to access to such services shall read carefully and accept in full this Agreement, by the acceptance option available on-line during the relevant subscription process (the “User”).

1.2. The User shall also read carefully and accept in full the Privacy Policy available on the Website, granting acceptance to treatment of its personal data.

Art. 2 – Acceptance and term of the agreement

2.1. The Agreement will be finalized upon completion of the subscription process. Relevant confirmation will be served by MATREC to the email address provided by the User, during the subscription process, under section called “Information of your new account”. MATREC will also issue and forward by email the invoice for services to the address provided by the User as well, under section “Invoice data”.

2.2. Access to services, contents and information provided by MATREC will last for twelve (12) months starting from completion of the subscription process. The Agreement will not be automatically renewed. Thirty (30) days before expiry of the Agreement, MATREC will inform the User by email, proposing to renew the subscription. Should the renewal not occur on or before expiry of the twelve (12) months, the access codes to services will be no longer valid.

Art. 3 – Subject of the agreement

3.1. This Agreement will be applied to any different kind of subscription offered by MATREC to its Users. In compliance with article 7, letter I, D.Lgs. 196/2003, the table summarizes services, contents and information available to Users, subject to the different subscriptions

3.2. Upon on-line acceptance of this Agreement and completion of relevant subscription process, the User’s access codes (User Name and Password) necessary to utilize the Website will be enabled by MATREC.

Art. 4 – User’s obligations

4.1. The execution of the Agreement, and relevant subscription, shall be deemed as personal and not assignable to third parties. Only the User which finalized the subscription will be entitled to access to services offered by MATREC. Therefore, the User shall not disclose the access codes to third parties and shall keep them with care and privacy.

4.2. The User shall not market, sell, reproduce, deliver, communicate or circulate data, articles, information and images on the Website and, in any case, shall not use such contents for different purposes than informing, researching and learning purposes, as MATREC services are aimed at. Any other use whatsoever shall be expressly requested to MATREC by email to and will be subject to prior written consent by MATREC. The Users’ requests will not be deemed as accepted should MATREC fail to reply, for whatever reason.

4.3. The User shall not: use the Website for unlawful purposes; damage the Website, as well as other website through the use of the Website; circulate through the Website images or news in detriment of third parties or inconsistent with the topics of the Website; circulate advertising materials without prior written consent by MATREC. Any unlawful, prohibited or wrong use of the Website will be a valid event of default giving title to MATREC to terminate the Agreement and deny access to the Website services. In such events, MATREC will be entitled to withhold the amounts paid by the defaulting User for its subscription and MATREC will reserve any and all actions to protect its rights and interests towards the User.

4.4. The User shall not create links to the Website from other websites, unless prior written consent by MATREC in that respect.

Art. 5 – MATREC’s obligations

5.1. MATREC undertakes to keep the services active and effective throughout the term of the Agreement. Nevertheless, MATREC will be entitled to interrupt the services due to technical problems, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, energy suspension and lack of connection, force majeure, including natural occurrences, negligence of third parties, decisions by public or judicial authorities. MATREC undertakes to carry out anything possible in order to have the events above solved and overcome in the shortest period of time. The User acknowledges that the services might be interrupted for the reasons above, as well as for safety and privacy reasons. The User also acknowledges and agrees that it will not be entitled to any indemnity and/or compensation of damages by MATREC for malfunctioning and/or interruption of services arising from the events mentioned above.

5.2. MATREC will be entitled to: amend the graphics of the Website; change the means of access to the Website and relevant sections, informing the User accordingly; modify, add and replace articles, images, data and further contents of the Website at its sole discretion.

Art. 6 – Intellectual property rights

6.1. MATREC is a registered trademark. Any and all contents of the Website, including images, texts and relevant search and consulting programs are protected by copyright pursuant to Law no. 633/1941 and following amendments. Any and all kind of marketing, sponsorship, reproduction, distribution, processing and modification of such contents is expressly reserved to MATREC.

6.2. Any and all trademarks, logos and distinctive signs shown on the Website are owned by MATREC or by third parties which allowed relevant use by MATREC on the basis of licenses and/or authorizations. Therefore, the User shall not use such signs in any manner whatsoever, without prior written consent by MATREC.

Art. 7- Links to other websites

The Website has connection links to other websites. MATREC will not be liable of potential damages arising from navigation on such other websites and relevant contents. The connections to other websites do not imply that MATREC holds commercial and/or cooperation and/or sponsorship and/or affiliation relationships with persons and/or entities being owner or manager of such websites.

Art. 8 – Liabilities

8.1. MATREC will not be liable for potential damages, direct or indirect, suffered by the User as a consequence of modifications to the Website, its contents and services, delays, interruption, malfunctioning, deletion of files, lack of, or troubles to, internet connection, also for reasons set forth by article 5.1. above. MATREC will not be liable as well for potential virus and/or damaging contents which might affect the User’s PC.

8.2. MATREC will not be liable – for any reasons and towards the User and third parties – with respect to unlawful, prohibited or wrong use of the Website and its contents by the User and third parties.

8.3. MATREC will not be liable for functioning and contents of websites exceeding from MATREC control and reachable through links on the Website.

8.4. MATREC will not be liable for damages, direct or indirect, arising from use of the information on the Website. Information, data and contents might be technically inappropriate and bearing mistyped characters.

Art. 9 – Withdrawal right

The User which can be defined as “consumer” – pursuant to article 3 of D.Lgs. 206/2005 – will be entitled to withdraw from the Agreement should the services rendered by MATREC not be available to the User within ten (10) days from the completion of the subscription process. The withdrawal right shall be exerted by written notice to MATREC S.r.l., by registered letter to the following address: Corso G. Matteotti 18, 20822 Seveso (MB), or by certified email to In case of withdrawal, MATREC will the User the amount paid as consideration for the relevant subscription.

Art. 10 – Withdrawal clause

Should the User fail to comply with articles 4 and 6 of this Agreement, MATREC will be entitled to terminate this Agreement by written notice, also by email, pursuant to article 1456 of the Italian Civil Code, without prejudice to any and all MATREC’s rights, actions and remedies under this Agreement and/or applicable laws for compensation of suffered damages.

Art. 11 – Information pursuant to D.Lgs. 70/2003

The domain name is registered by MATREC S.r.l., having registered office in Corso Giacomo Matteotti, 18, Seveso (MB). For any information you can contact MATREC by phone: +39064440286 or by email: Pursuant to article 7, letter h, D.Lgs. 70/2003, rates of services rendered by MATREC are clearly set forth on the Website, in particular during the subscription process.

In case of discrepancies between the Italian and the English versions of this Contact, the Italian version shall prevail.