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NOTH2185 Others

Material that has a non-woody fibrous structure, derived from the rattan palm. It is an alternative to plastic, it is used as a covering in the production of objects, complements and furniture.

RPLA2184 Plastic

Material made of 100% post-consumer recycled nylon, recovered from a single type and colour of high strength nylon nets. The fishing net are classified according to colour and wear, and processed separately in order to maximise their potential. It is used in the production of filaments for 3D printing.

RNPAPOTH2183 Paper, Others

Material consisting of extruded wheat straw surrounded on all sides by recycled kraft paper. Improving the sound insulation of walls, ceilings and floors, it ensure an excellent and healthy microclimate for a building via temperature and air humidity regulation.

NBPLHEM2182 Hemp

Bio-based plastic material that uses polymer resins derived from starch, made from responsibly-grown sugarcane and beetroot, reinforced them with industrial hemp fibres. Available for injection molding machines or extrusion molding, it s used in the production of household products and car parts.

RPAP2181 Paper

Thick cardboard made of recycled cellulose fibres. Pulp-coloured, it can reach a thickness up to four millimetres and is used in paper packaging companies, bindery shops and printers.

RPLA2180 Plastic

PET felt panels made from recycled plastic bottles. It is a soft yet strong material showing great acoustic performance and durability. It is suitable for various applications, including wall and ceiling covering, room dividers or custom installations to decrease sound reverberating.

NBAMCOT2179 Bamboo, Cotton

Material made of 90% bamboo fibres and 10% cotton. Due to its nature, it is free of lignin and is used in the manufacture of products for the paper industry.

RCOT2178 Cotton

Material made of 73% cotton linters, that is waste from production processes, combined with mineral components such as micronized kaolin, colouring earths, powdered pigments, fire retardant salts, without the use of chemical dyes and stains. They are characterized by an excellent sound absorption response in the fundamental frequencies of the human voice, and are ideal for restoring acoustic comfort in public places, offices, schools and residential complexes.

RNLEAOTH2177 Leather, Others

Material made of regenerated leather combined with natural latex. It is particularly suitable for the manufacture as filler and reinforcement for the production of fashion accessories.

RGLA2176 Glass

Material made of 100% transparent recycled glass. It provides natural light source and is also decorative for architectural design. Available as crystal and jade with a hint of green derived from the natural iron content.


Composite sheet material composed of minimum 75% post-industrial recycled timber from sawmills, cement, waste lime plaster, resin, and pigment cast onto an certified plywood substrate. Finished by hand and sealed it is used in the production of worktops, flooring and wall coverings.

NCOR2174 Cork

Material made of high-density raw blond cork agglomerate with vegetable based binders. It is used as thermal and acoustic insulation in structures to be insulated and in the presence of thermal bridges to be corrected.

RNPAPCOTWOLPAP2173 Paper, Cotton, Wool

Material made of 40% certified post-consumer recycled cellulose and 45% of certified cellulose. The remaining 15% comes from cotton and wool fibres and uses textile by-products of traceable Italian origin, coming from the spinning and weaving processes. It is used in the production of products for the paper industry.

BPL2172 Bioplastics

Material made of PHAs, they are thermoplastic polyesters produced using annually renewable biomass like maize or sugars obtained from agricultural activities. It is used in the production of objects and packaging.

NWOO2171 Wood

Cellulosic yarn made with responsibly sourced wood from sustainably managed pine and eucalyptus forests and plantations. It can be used alone or in blends with other fibers to create fabrics that are suitable for fabrics in womenswear, intimate apparel or everyday casual wear.

RNTEXHEM2170 Textile waste, Hemp

Mattress made of 97% hemp fibres and 3% recycled textile fibres. It is used for hygrometric thermal and acoustic insulation in roofs, walls and facades.

RPLA2169 Plastic

Material made up of a very flexible bituminous membrane coupled with a recycled polyurethane agglomerate layer The technologies used to produce this material give to it excellent technical -physical characteristics, impermeability, good absorption capacity of impacts and vibrations. It is used as a soundproofing mat for the creation of floating floors.

RGLA2168 Glass

Material made of glass wool containing more than 70% recycled glass made from household glass, rejected glass bottles and internal scraps from production process joined with a plant-based binder. It is used as acoustic insulation.

RPLA2167 Plastic

Yarns made of 100% recycled PET and available in raw white, package dyed and solution dyed. It is used in the production of fabrics for clothing and home.

RBUI2166 Inerts

Material made of 75% post-industrial recycled stone aggregates such as marble and granite chips from quarries long since closed, joined with recycled portland cement and fly ash. It is used as a self supporting tile for flooring anc covering.

RNCOCOTH2165 Coconut, Others

Material made of 90% coconuts fibres extracted from coconuts pretreated with natural fermentation, joined through the use of natural latex. It is used in the production of mattresses and upholstered furniture.

RTEX2164 Textile waste

Material made of recycled textile waste. It is used in the production of felts for the furniture and mattress industry.

RPLA2163 Plastic

Panel made of 100% post-consumer recycled PET made from plastic packaging. It is used in the production of worktops and furniture.

RRUB2162 Rubber

SBR rubber material made of recycled tires, bound with thermoplastic polymer. Specifically designed for horizontal drainage of new-generation football fields, it can also be easily produced with holes for a vertical drainage.

RPLA2161 Plastic

Material made of 100% post-industrial recycled LDPE and ABS obtained from injection moulding waste. Not suitable for industrial use, it is used in the realization of non-constructive panel looking stone-like.
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