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RPLA2138 Plastic

Material made of 100% post-consumer recycled HDPE and LDPE obtained from pig farm waste and old buckets. It is used for non-constructive purposes.

RRUB2137 Rubber

Material made of recycled tyres rubber, with a thickness of 5 mm and density of 750. Ideal for sound reduction, it is used as undertile mat.

NHEM2136 Hemp

Material made of pressed hemp fibres, ideal for the realization of thermal insulation systems in facades. It can be glued to new mineral plasters, old coatings and load-bearing paints.

RCOTWOLTEX2135 Cotton, Wool, Textile waste

Acoustic felt made from 70% recycled wool or cotton textiles and 30% bicomponent binder. The fabric are sourced from fashion and textile industries and industrial laundries. It is used in the production of sound absorbing panel.

RPLA2134 Plastic

Fabric made of 70% recycled nylon, 16% nylon and 14% elastane. Characterized by good elasticity, it is used in the production of clothing and upholstery.

NCOR2133 Cork

Sandwich panel consisting of two outer layers of natural cork, coupled with a high-density rubber panel. It is used as a high-performance acoustic insulation.

RNLEAOTH2132 Leather, Others

Material made of bonded leather and natural latex, the raw material is represented today by chrome tanned bovine hide trimmings. It is an ideal raw material when the product needs greater softness and body, and it lends itself to the creation of stationery, promotional items, labels, furnishing items, components for home and lining for belts.

RPLA2131 Plastic

Material made of 100% recycled PC obtained from the old moulds used for the production of chocolate. It is used in the realization of objects and coverings.

RPLA2130 Plastic

Fabric made of 100% polyester with 51% post-industrial recycled polyester. Sunlight resistant, it is used in the production of upholstery and upholstered furniture.

RCER2129 Cereals

Material made of rice chaffs in combination with a selection of lime, marble dust and earths of natural origin. It generates a very stable material with UV rays and resistant to bad weather. It is suitable as a finishing plaster suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

RPLA2128 Plastic

Fabric made of 100% post-consumer recycled polyester derived from 100% recycled bottles. Characterized by good elasticity, it is used in the production of technical clothing and upholstery.

RNOTHOTH2127 Others

Material made of agricultural residual biomass and a core of mycelium composite, coated with exemplary bio-based resins and a transparent topcoat, contributing to ensure the high quality of their technical performances as well as their long-lasting durability. The coating is 90% bio-based, replacing traditional industrial pigments with low-value biomasses, such as corn crops, rice straw, spent coffee grounds, discarded algae and clam shells. It is designed as modular elements for the creation of indoor resilient flooring solutions.

NWOO2126 Wood

Panel made of certified spruce fibres made from sustainably managed forests. It is produced using the traditional "wet" process and is ideal for insulating roofs and ventilated walls

NFRU2125 Fruits

Material made of mango, discarded fruit collected from fruit importers in the Netherlands, not suitable for marketing; additives made from natural sources and a polyester based textile backing. The production process involves the transformation of the fruit into mashing, cooking and drying, in order to create flexible sheets. The material is developed so that it will be strong enough to be used for shoes and handbags in place of traditional leather.

RPLA2124 Plastic

Fabric made of 83% recycled nylon and 13% elastane. Characterized by good elasticity, it is used in the production of clothing and upholstery.

NWOO2123 Wood

Composite material made of 50% wood-based cellulose fibres made from certified Finnish forests, reinforced with 50% FDA approved polypropylene used as an adhesive. It is used in the production of objects, packaging and components.

RPLATEX2122 Plastic, Textile waste

Fabric made of 50% post-consumer recycled PET obtained from plastic bottles and 50% recycled textile waste. It is used in the production of clothing.

RNPAPPAPCOT2121 Paper, Cotton

Material made with 55% pure certified cellulose fibres, 40% recycled and certified cellulose fibres and 5% cotton fibres. Available in nine colours, can be used without problems with the main printing systems letterpress, offset, blind embossing, hot foil stamping, thermography and screen printing. It is ideal for any kind of applications publishing, packaging and commercial printing.

RPLA2120 Plastic

Material made of 100% recycled polystyrene. It is characterized by a matt, satin or glossy finish and is used to make indoor furniture and accessories.

NOTH2119 Others

Material made of hand-picked Scandinavian Reindeer Moss, a lichen that growing freely and abundantly in boreal and arctic region. After a preservation and colour treatment, the lichen is no longer alive and does not require any maintenance or water or sunlight or pruning. The convex form of the panel and the moss' structure enables the absorption of sound waves from multiple directions. It is used as wall sound insulation.

RPLA2118 Plastic

Material made of polyurethane product on (PUR/PIR) rigid foam basis, from internal production waste With a high thermal insulation grade, it can be process with all woodworking machines. This product is perfectly suitable for the production of construction elements and cores for sandwich panels.

RNLEACOT2117 Leather, Cotton

Material made of 20% regenerated leather and 25% cotton. Characterized by a use surface made of 100% PU, it is used as an alternative to animal leather in upholstery and fashion applications.


Material crafted using 45% new wool and 45% post-industrial recycled wool made by reusing scraps from yarn spinners. It is used as upholstery.

RBUI2115 Inerts

Material made of more than 30% of post-industrial recycled porcelain stoneware. It is used in the realization of floors and coatings for interiors.

NCOR2114 Cork

Material made of 100% compressed blond cork panel. It is characterized by the same properties of sugherite. It is used as an insulator in subfloors and it has the function to amortize the walk and absorb the shocks.
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