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RBUI2115 Inerts

Material made of more than 30% of post-industrial recycled porcelain stoneware. It is used in the realization of floors and coatings for interiors.

NCOR2114 Cork

Material made of 100% compressed blond cork panel. It is characterized by the same properties of sugherite. It is used as an insulator in subfloors and it has the function to amortize the walk and absorb the shocks.

RNOTHOTH2113 Others

Material made of fungal mycelium, the vegetative body of mushrooms, as key ingredient to bind and transform agricultural by-products into a strong, natural and compostable material. It is an alternatives to traditional materials, such as synthetic polymers and animal leather.

RCOR2112 Cork

Material made of polished natural cork made from recycled cork stoppers. It is characterized by excellent thermal and acoustic insulation. It is used as a floor to be laid on existing floors.

RBUI2111 Inerts

Material made from 90% made with reclaimed byproducts from the natural stone industries. All of these are byproducts of local marble manufacturing, the waste materials from the production of various luxury products and building finishes. Recycled marble flour, recycled marble chips, and chunks of offcuts of marble slabs are mixed and bonded with a small amount of resin. Later the is sealed with a wax oil that awards a beautiful matt finish. It is suitable for a huge range of interior applications as worktops.

NOTHCERFRUWOO2110 Others, Cereals, Fruits, Wood

Material made of sustainably harvested fir and pine trees, wheat bran, potato starch, plant-derived wax and citrus fruit peels. 100% biodegradable, the color is achieved using different percentages of wheat bran. Ideal for wall applications, the dried surface is then perforated using an advanced laser technique for enhanced sound absorption.

RWOO2109 Wood

Single-layer wood fibres panel mare of 96% post-industrial recycled wood. Ideal for thermal-acoustic insulation of wooden floors, or placed under concrete screeds for acoustic cutting, it can also be used for insulation in ventilated facades.

RNWOOOTH2108 Wood, Others

Material made of pure oxidised vegetable linseed oil and natural pine rosin, to which recycled wood flour and colour pigments have been added. The panel is created by a calander process which rolls the material on to an impregnated paper backing. This is a natural surfacing material that delivers the finishing touch for all 3D furniture designs such as desks, chairs, stools, cabinets, doors and displays.

RPLA2107 Plastic

Material made of a sheet of 100% post-industrial recycled acrylic, by a process of regeneration of PMMA waste, which are then use to make 100% recycled and 100% recyclable material. It has the same look and performance as virgin acrylics. It is used in the production of displays and fittings.

NBPLPAP2106 Paper

Sandwich panel, the result of the union between a sheet of expanded extruded polystyrene and two sheets of paper without the use of glues. It biodegrades thanks to the presence of a mix of bacteria that has been mixed with the material matrix. It is an excellent support for digital printing.

RPAP2105 Paper

Material made of honeycomb paper-core composite made from recycled corrugated cardboard with the rigid surface covered with polymers. It is well suited for interior, exterior, structural and non-structural building applications.

NPAPCOT2104 Paper, Cotton

Material made of 25% cotton fibres and 75% certified pure cellulose. The sheets are marked with felt on both sides, glued in bulk and surface. They are suitable for the production of any editorial, papermaking and commercial printing.

RPLA2103 Plastic

Fabric made of regenerated nylon obtained from the recycling of fishing nets. It is versatile, hyper-resistant, thin, elegant, stretch, soft and breathable, it is used in the production of fashion and interior solutions. Thanks to its innovative construction, it is twice as resistant to chlorine, making it suitable for the production of beachwear.

RTEX2102 Textile waste

Material made of minimum of 80% recycled textile fibres. Can be used instead of phenolic felt as heat and acoustic insulation felts in household appliances, automotive, furniture and construction sectors.

NBAM2101 Bamboo

Material made of 100% bamboo with a contrasting strand bamboo core provides. Suitable for residential and commercial applications, the material is made with a urea formaldehyde-free adhesive and is naturally bacteria-resistant. It is used in many application, such as kitchen and bathroom countertops, table tops or shelving.

RPLA2100 Plastic

Fabric made from regenerated nylon made of 90% recycled polyamide. It is ideal for the creation of breathable and comfortable athleisure items.

RBUI2099 Inerts

Innovative material made of remains of architectural debris made from demolitions, such as concrete, bricks and other building materials joined with ultra-high-performance concrete. It is used as new surface for architecture and design.

NABA2098 Abaca

Fabric made of 100% abaca made purely from Banana plants. The material is cultivated in the Philippines within a natural ecosystem of sustainable forestry. It is durable, waterproof and is used in the production of bags and fashion accessories.

BPL2097 Bioplastics

Material made of urethane-based thermoplastic bioplastics (TPE-U or TPU) containing 30 - 40% raw materials from renewable sources. These compounds guarantee the same physical-mechanical properties and the same processability as traditional fossil-based TPE-U. It is used in the production of components for the automotive sector, packaging, footwear and fashion accessories.

NCOT2096 Cotton

Fabric made of 100% organic cotton. It is used in the production of clothing.

NPAP2095 Paper

Laminate material consisting of cellulose layers impregnated with thermosetting resins and a radiation cured acrylic surface, all bonded together by means of the simultaneous application of heat and pressure within a high pressure lamination process. Made using only materials from controlled and sustainably management forests, it is used in the production of furniture and worktops.

NBAM2094 Bamboo

Fabric made of 100% bamboo. It is used in the production of clothing characterized by a high softness.

RBUIGLA2093 Inerts, Glass

Material made of 94-100% recycled glass and porcelain. Its production process involves the use of a considerably lower temperature compared to conventional ceramics. It is designed to be used in a variety of interior and exterior applications and is used as a covering or worktop.

RCOR2092 Cork

Composite material made of recycled cork produced with waste material from wine stopper production. The resulting product is 93% recycled cork produced in a waste-free molding process. It has good sound insulation, it is used as a wall covering.

NHEMKENFLA2091 Hemp, Kenaf, Flax

Composite material made of natural fibres from fast-growing plants such as flax, hemp or kenaf. They are impregnated with a thermosetting binder and preformed by high pressure compression moulding. It is used in the production of components for packaging, construction elements, natural or laminated coatings and decorations, for example for seat shells and backrests in the production of furniture or as a raw support for interior components and coatings in the automotive industry.
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