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NWOLSIL2358 Wool, Silk

Combed yarn made of 70% superfine merino wool blended with 30% silk. With very fine titrations, a soft hand and a brilliant appearance, it is used in the production of upholstery and clothing.

RCOT2357 Cotton

Patented material composed of post-industrial textile waste coming from an innovative up-cycling process. It is a mono-material of 100% organic fibers like cotton or 100% synthetic fibers such as polyester. It is used in the realization of packaging and gift items.

RBPLFRU2356 Fruits

Bio-plastic from vegetable sources only, produced agglomerating crushed walnut shell, into previously designed and fabricated molds. The resulting biodegradable thermoplastic material has the potential to replace wood and petrol-based plastics in the production of designer products.

NFLA2355 Flax

Yarn made of 100% combed recycled flax. It is used in the production of clothing and upholstery.

RNPLAWOLWOO2354 Plastic, Wool, Wood

Material made of 72% recycled post-industrial and post-consumer PA fibre from production waste, fishing nets found in the seas and recycled carpet pieces. It is joined with virgin wool and natural fibre from white European beech. It is used as upholstery.

RCOC2353 Coconut

Material manufacturing using existing agricultural byproduct and waste streams, such as coconut husk fibres joined with natural glues. Coconut husk is allowed to dry in the sun, milled into fibres, mixed with glues and finally pressed under high pressure. It is a great wood substitute for furniture making and interiors

RTEX2352 Textile waste

Patented material composed of post-consumer textile waste coming from an innovative up-cycling process. It is a mix of textile materials with variable compositions based on the production batch. It is used in the realization of packaging and gift items.

RNCOTPLACOT2351 Cotton, Plastic

Hybrid yarns and fabrics made from organic and recycled fibers, 45% organic cotton, 46% recycled PET and 9% recycled cotton. Natural fibers make up 50% of the composition, eliminating the need for chemical finishes to create high-performance fabrics. It is used for a wide range of products, including sportswear, on-the-go travel wear, and high fashion.

RBPLOTH2350 Others

Material made from a blend of post-industrial recycled marc waste and bio-plastic. The marc is recovered from the organic waste derived from the processing of grapes in the local wine industry. It is used in the manufacture of packaging components.

RBUI2349 Inerts

Material made of 40% recycled ceramic, characterized by an innovative antimicrobial technology for ceramic floor and wall coverings. The system inhibits the growth and reproduction of pathogen microorganisms, such as bacteria and fungi, reducing bacterial load and neutralising unpleasant smells. It is available in indoor and outdoor finishes for architectural projects.

RLEA2348 Leather

Material made of 100% post-industrial recycled sea wolf leather, obtainad from the fishing industry. Extracted from the skin of farmed and sea-caught fish for consumer use. Characterized by a smooth surface and a spotted pattern that gives it a unique character, is used in the production of fashion accessories.

RPLA2347 Plastic

Materials made with a surface layer of concrete and an inner layer with a granular mixture of polymers from post-consumer recycled plastics. It is mainly used for the realization of self-locking pavements replacing, in a certain percentage, the aggregates commonly used

RPLA2346 Plastic

Material made from recycled expanded polyethylene flakes, it is hot re-agglomerated using polyurethane resins. Starting from the processing waste of closed-cell polyethylene foam, these are selected, washed and processed to form panels. Characterized by a puzzle surface with remarkable draining qualities, it is intended for installation in playgrounds, green areas, roof gardens and all surfaces that require an excellent level of shock absorption.

RCOR2345 Cork

Material consisting of 70% recycled cork granules, obtained from sterilized production waste, and 30% synthetic rubber. Designed to produce closures for beverages and foodstuffs, it is also used in the cosmetics sector as a finish for tubes, jars bottles, sticks and diffusers for room fragrances.

NBPLWOO2344 Wood

Composite material made entirely from renewable resources, 100% recycled PLA combined with beech and spruce wood flour from sustainably managed forests. It can be used with conventional plastic processing machinery, such as injection, extrusion or thermoforming, and is used for applications in the horticultural and packaging sectors.

RLEA2343 Leather

Material made of post-industrial recycled cod leather, a sustainable by-product from the fishing industry. Extracted from the skin of farmed and sea-caught fish for consumer use. Tanned and processed, it is available in two versions: closed shells where the leather is compressed and varnished for a smooth surface, and open shells. The semi-finished material is a sustainable alternative to cow leather in the realization of bags, shoes and fashion accessories.

NSIL2342 Silk

Yarn made of 100% certified organic silk, is used in the production of clothing or upholstery.

NCOT2341 Cotton

Paper made from 100% cotton fibers, without the use of cellulose. It is used in the production of products for the paper industry.

NHEM2340 Hemp

Material comprised of hemp shives and a mixture of air and hydraulic lime. It is moulded, pressed and then dried in the open air without the need for any heat input. It is used for thermal, water, and acoustic regulation in new construction, non-structural applications, and interior and exterior renovations.

RPLA2339 Plastic

Material produced through crystallization, drying and extrusion of polymer by using, accordingly to production and customized needs, recycled PET bottle flakes and virgin PET chips, properly blended. It is used in the production of fabrics for industry, clothing and furniture.

RWOO2338 Wood

Laminate made from certified recycled wood, using material recovered from other production processes internal to the company, such as previous processing scraps or unsold products. It finds use in the realization of coatings.

RPAP2337 Paper

Material made of 100% recycled and certified paper. Characterized by impeccable chromatic performance, it is used in the production of products for editorial printing.

RNCOTCOT2336 Cotton

Fibres, yarns and fabrics made of 50% post-industrial and post-consumer recycled cotton and 50% certified organic cotton. Characterized by a long fiber, it is used in the production of clothing.

RWOL2335 Wool

Material made from recycled cashmere fibers, able to replace the goose down and existing synthetic paddings. Find use as a quilt for padding in clothing and it provides an insulating barrier to weather and climatic conditions external.

ROTH2334 Others

Material made from gelatin nanofibers by up-cycling meat industry waste. Discarded waste includes bones, skin scraps and tendons that can be used to make gelatin. It is mixed into a solution and through a proprietary method is created a insoluble nanofibrous mesh. A cotton lamination is then carried out. It has a similar appearance to suede or leather and is used as its substitute in making fashion accessories.
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