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NBPLCER2443 Cereals

Material made from the mixture of wheat flour and recycled PLA. It is made entirely from renewable resources Is ideal for calendering, thermoforming and injection molding transformation techniques and is especially recommended for application in the packaging and for disposable technical parts.

NWOL2442 Wool

Material made of 100% hand-selected British wool. The wool that is used to make the material is fully traceable back to the farm upon which it is grown. It finds use in making insulation in garments.

NWOL2441 Wool

Yarn made of 100% combed superfine merino wool. Available in different colors, it finds use in clothing production.

RPLA2440 Plastic

Material made of post-consumer recycled HDPE, obtained from post-use and obsolete input streams collected from the agricultural industry, such as flower nets. It is suitable to be used in various applications either at 100% or in a blend.

RPLA2439 Plastic

Fabric made from regenerated nylon made of 82% recycled polyamide. High performance, compact, non see-through, and super elastic, it ensures a perfect fit under any circumstances and follows the body every move. It is ideal for the creation of beachwear or sportswear garments.

ROTH2438 Others

A flexible, leather-like material, made from urban plant waste, agricultural waste and forestry waste. The lignocellulosic feedstock is combined with a natural binder, and coloured using plant pigments as well as non-toxic natural pigments. It finds use, as an alternative to animal skin, in the manufacture of fashion accessories.

NHEM2437 Hemp

Material made of 85-90% hemp fibers combined with a binder. Characterized by thermal and acoustic insulation properties, it is used for facades and walls.

RPLA2436 Plastic

Material made from about 90% recycled PMMA, through the co-extrusion of two virgin surface layers that preserve a recycled material interior. Available in colored or all-transparent versions, it finds use in the production of fittings and displays.

RPLA2435 Plastic

Yarn made from 100% post-consumer recycled PET from bottles. Characterized by outstanding sewing performance, it finds use in the manufacture of clothing accessories.

RCOTTEX2434 Cotton, Textile waste

Material made of 80% post-industrial and post-consumer recycled cotton fiber obtained from denim. It contains traces of other fibers (up to 20%) due to their presence inside the denim garments. Through a mechanical recycling process, textile waste is collected, treated, separated from external elements and finally reduced to fiber. It finds use in the production of clothing.

RCOTTEX2433 Cotton, Textile waste

Material made of recycled cotton fiber unblended from cotton mix textiles. It contains up to 10% of other fibers, due to their presence inside the recycle textile waste. Through a mechanical recycling process, textile waste is collected, treated, separated from external elements and finally reduced to fiber. It finds use in the production of clothing.

RNOTHPAPCOT2432 Others, Paper, Cotton

Papers and paperboards produced with 10% recycled milk fibers, obtained from the industrial waste of milk production, 40% cotton linters and pure cellulose fibers from responsibly managed sources. It finds use in the paper industry.

NCOTCOR2431 Cotton, Cork

Fabric made of natural cork sheet, joined with a cotton and polyester support textile. The surface can be painted with different techniques and colors, glossy, matte, sponged and pearlescent, or laminated with heat-transferred, partial, total and mirror foils. It is used in the production of fashion accessories.

RNLEAOTH2430 Leather, Others

Material made from recycled leather fibers combined with grease, natural waxes and natural latex. It is used as a support material with surface finish in the manufacture of design products.


Lightweight MDF wood fibre panel, made of 50% recycled wood in the inner layer and certified wood from sustainably managed forests in the outer layers. It is used in the production of furniture.

RNPLACOR2428 Plastic, Cork

Material made of cork, recycled EVA and PU foam material, agglomerated with a polyurethane binder. It is specially formulated to allow the typical thermoforming processes used in insole production and molded orthopedic components.

RCER2427 Cereals

Material made from up to 70% recycled rice, using a new processing technology. The rice that is discarded as feed, the one that is no longer edible and the crushed rice that is generated in the production of crackers, is used for the realization of a new plastic material. It is used, as an alternative to traditional plastic, in the realization of objects and packaging.

RCOC2426 Coconut

Medium density panel made of coconut husk fibers, recovered through the upcycling of agricultural by-products, joined with natural adhesives based on tannin extracts. The tannins are natural compounds recovered by simple hot-water extraction from bark, heartwood, shells and husks, widely available by-products of agroforestry. It is used in the production of furniture and interior architecture .

RLEATEX2425 Leather, Textile waste

Material composed of more than 90% recycled textile or recycled leather, excess stock at apparel makers and fabric offcuts generated during the production process, combined with a binder. Find use in the creation of furniture or decorative surfaces.

RCOT2424 Cotton

Fiber made from 100% recycled cotton fiber, unblended with other fabrics. The process falls under mechanical recycling of textile waste, post-industrial and post-consumer waste is collected, treated, separated from external elements and finally reduced to fiber. Suitable for overdyeing, it is used in the production of clothing and upholstery.

NCOR2423 Cork

Material made of cork and EVA material blend, specially formulated to allow the possibility of mechanical and vacuum thermoforming. It is used in the production of components for the fashion industry.

RPLA2422 Plastic

Material made of 100% post-consumer recycled polystyrene, made from small domestic appliances. The dark emerald base is strewn with light flecks that create a mineral stone effect with an inner glow. It is used in the production of worktops and furniture.

RPLA2421 Plastic

Material made of 100% post-consumer recycled PET from packaging. Characterized by a pigmented appearance, it is used in the creation of worktops.

RRUB2420 Rubber

Material made of sbr recycled rubber granules compacted using a polyurethane binder in a hot process. A synthetic non woven anti-stretch backing is applied on the upper side. It is a shaped panel and is used as impact noise acoustic insulation with high mechanical performances.


Material made of three-layer MDF, consisting of over 50% recycled and purified wood fiber in the inner layer, and certified wood for the outer layers. It finds use in general uses in dry environments, in the construction of furniture.
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