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RBUI2279 Inerts

Material mostly made of recycled grit and sand discarded from Carrara marble processing waste, mixed with white concrete. The production process does not use water, the components are pressed, the moisture used is the one naturally contained within the raw materials that the high processing pressure releases and causes to react. They can be left exposed for architectural purposes or used for ordinary load-bearing and curtain walls instead of the usual fired clay bricks.

RCOT2278 Cotton

Material made of regenerated cellulose fibre made from cotton linter, the fuzz around the cotton seed, a pre-consumer recycled material. The result is a continuous-filament nonwoven product that is used in the manufacture of clothing.

RNCERPLABAM2277 Cereals, Plastic, Bamboo

Composite material made of rice husks and bamboo powder and recycled HDPE plastic. This has been developed through an innovative co-extrusion process technology. It is characterized by a wood-like appearance, and is used in outdoor decking and facade cladding.

ROTH2276 Others

Material created from shell seafood waste and coffee ground. It is used in the fashion industry a sustainable alternative instead of faux and animal leather. It is made from 100% natural ingredients and at the end of its life it can naturally decompose or be recycled and reintegrated into the production cycle.

NFLA2275 Flax

Composite material made from flax fabric reinforced and preimpregnated with biobased epoxy resin. It is used as a substitute for fibreglass, in the manufacture of sports equipment and in the automotive industry.

NWOL2274 Wool

Material made of 100% virgin wool. It is used as a fabric in the realization of upholstery.

BPL2273 Bioplastics

Material made of biobased polyamide produced using annually renewable biomass like vegetable oils. These material has excellent mechanical and chemical resistance. It is used in the manufacture of components to replace oil-based plastics.

BPL2272 Bioplastics

Biodegradable and compostable thermoplastic polyester which can be partially produced using annually renewable biomass like sugarcane. It is used in the production of packaging.

NOTH2271 Others

Material made of natural fibres developing from the microorganism algae, which is renewable microorganism. It has an holistic and sustainable production process and is used in the fashion industry.

RBUI2270 Inerts

Material made with at least 60% mineral waste made from demolition waste. The debris comes mainly from the Netherlands and are recovered by waste processing companies, to get the right quality waste. These are subjected to a cleaning and moulding process, then the bricks obtained are dried and fired in the kiln. It can be used for both interiors and exteriors, in the construction of claddings, facades and floors.

NPAP2269 Paper

Natural embossed paper made of certified kraft pulp. Coloured in mass and glued on the surface with an anti-fingerprint treatment, it has an excellent adaptability to all bookbinding and coating works.

RPLA2268 Plastic

Fabric made of 42% post-consumer recycled polyester, 38% post-industrial recycled polyester and 20% virgin polyester. It is used in the production of upholstery.

RPLA2267 Plastic

Material made with a percentage ranging from 15 to 70% post-consumer recycled polypropylene incorporated into virgin resins. High-quality polypropylene pieces are recovered from used vehicles that are crushed, separated and broken down in order to be fed back into new production processes. The result is the production of a new plastic material that has the same properties and functionality as the virgin raw material, which are required for its final application in containers, car components and outdoor furniture.

NWOL2266 Wool

Material made of natural wool felt, available in different thicknesses and in a wide range of colours and patterns. It is used in the production of fashion accessories and products for fashion.

NOTH2265 Others

Material made of a surface layer of elephant's ear leaves collected in sustainable areas, and flax lining. It is a product of natural and renewable origin, is surprisingly comfortable and it has characteristics similar to leather. It is used as upholstery material.

OTH2264 Others

Material consisting of a rattan layer derived from the palm tree, combined with a nonwoven viscose fabric. It allows an unprecedented three-dimensional formability, in contrast to classic veneers, spherical objects can be easily produced. With an optic stripes look, is used in the production of laminates.

NWOO2263 Wood

Plywood panel made of pine wood. Available in the version with or without knots, it is used in the realization of coatings, furniture, decorative projects and in building applications.

RGLA2262 Glass

Material made of 100% recycled glass gravel. It combines the structural-physical properties of glass with the insulation properties of a closed cell structure. It is used as load bearing filling and light construction material for the construction industry.

RPLA2261 Plastic

Felt material made of 96% post-consumer recycled PET derived from the recycling of plastic bottles. The crushed material is immersed in a washing tank and is routed to a grinding mill that reduces the size of the material. The plastic material is fed into an extruder in order to obtain a plastic compound wad, ready to be dyed. During carding the fibres, coming from different bales, form a multilayer of different thickness and through needling, a consistent felt is obtained. It is used in the production of fashion accessories and upholstery.

NOTH2260 Others

Plant based material made of Nopal cactus, also known as the prickly pear. The mature leaves are cut from the plant without damaging the cactus itself and are put under the sun for three days until achieving the exact humidity levels. Through a patented process, an alternative to animal skin is obtained, it is used in the fashion, leather goods, furniture and even automotive industries.

BPL2259 Bioplastics

Material made of TPE (thermoplastic elastomers) based on between 40 and 50% biopolymers derived from sugarcane. Available in four overmolding grades compatible with rigid polypropylene, and one grade that is suited for overmolding onto ABS, it has property comparable to traditional petroleum-based TPEs. It is used in the manufacture of gifts and consumer goods.

RNCOTOTH2258 Cotton, Others

Fabric made from post-consumer and post-industrial recycled cotton waste and cellulose fibres, manufactured in a closed-loop process. Pulp is a renewable raw material from sustainably managed forests, while cotton waste comes from processing waste and end-of-life products. It is used in the manufacture of clothing.

NWOL2257 Wool

Material made of 90% locally sourced british wool. It is an highly textured textile with undulations and is used in the manufacture of coatings.

ROTH2256 Others

Material made of recycled rice straw board and water based lacquer, designed to add value to agricultural left-over, by using them as raw material of making panel board. It is mainly used for decoration in-house for walling, ceiling, flooring and furniture making.

NPAP2255 Paper

Material made of certified paper from sustainably managed forests. Characterized by a metallic appearance, it is used in the paper and bookbinding industry.
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