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ROTHFRU2379 Others, Fruits

Material made of agricultural waste such as the residue of oranges squeezing and cacti trimming, made from organic byproducts of the cosmetic and food industry, which are chopped and joined with PU or PVC. It is used as an alternative to leather of animal origin.

RPLA2378 Plastic

Material made from 100% recycled acrylic resin, obtained from the internal waste of panel production. The pellets are carefully sorted through optical sorter for clarity and cleanliness, resulting in a panel that is 100% recycled but does not have a muddy or murky appearance.

NOTHCOT2377 Others, Cotton

Handwoven from 50% abaca fibres and 50% organic cotton. Abaca is a fibre that comes from the trunk of a non-fruit bearing banana tree. The trunk of the tree is soaked in nearby rivers for softening, making it more manageable to separate the fibres. The abaca is then knotted to become yarn, and hand-woven by women in a cooperative on Philippines. It is lightweight, supple, soft and lustrous fabric with a structure very similar to taffeta. It is perfect for bridalwear, couture-finishings, embroidery and furniture.

ROTH2376 Others

Material made of recycled seashells, discarded by the fishing industry and by aquafarming. Discarded seashells from seafood industries are collect, processed, ground and mixed with mineral, sand and natural binders. It finds use in the realization of coverings and objects.

RFRU2375 Fruits

Material made of 80% bio-based ingredients, with a minimum of 50% upcycled apples. It is characterized by a three-layer structure that can be disassembled at the end of its life. The backing is an organic cotton fabric. The middle layer consists of natural rubber and recycled apple waste discarded in cider and juice production. These are the skins, cores, stems and seeds of apples, which are left over after the fruit is juiced. The coating layer is made half from traditional fossil fuel-derived polyurethane and polyesther, and half bio-plastic. It is used as an alternative to leather of animal origin.

RBPLCOF2374 Coffee

Bio-based material, made of a bio-polymers and recycled coffee grounds, obtained from the waste of the production process. Durable and strong, it can be a valuable alternative to traditional plastics.

RCOR2373 Cork

Material made of post-industrial recycled cork, made from stopper waste, a by-product of the cork stopper industry in Europe. The remaining material is ground into smaller granules, mixed with a non-toxic resin binder, molded into large blocks and baked in specialized ovens, making use of every scrap of cork bark. Available in the version with or without grooves, it is used in the construction of flooring for wet environments.

RPLA2372 Plastic

Fabric made of 100% translucent polyester that contains 78% post-industrial and post-consumer recycled polyester. Find use in the manufacture of drapery.

RPLA2371 Plastic

Yarn made of 100% post-consumer recycled polyester containing upcycled marine plastic, coming from a community of individuals, organizations and companies working together to clean oceans. It has almost identical in physical properties to virgin polyester and contains approximately 10% upcycled marine plastic the remaining 90% is recycled PET from land sources. It is sold through a licensing system that follows the entire supply chain. It is used in a multitude of applications including apparel and accessories, contract and automotive upholstery, home furnishings and technical textiles.

RPLA2370 Plastic

Material made from 100% recycled post-industrial and post-consumer HDPE, the post-consumer component comes from waste of separate collection, such as bottle tops, while the post-industrial component comes from waste material used in the cosmetics, automotive and pharmaceutical industries. Through a process of thermocompression, material flakes are transformed into sheets, which have properties and processing techniques very similar to wood. Available in white, transparent or patterned colours, it is used for worktops.

RNOTHOTH2369 Others

Biofabricated material, made from agroindustrial food waste with living organisms like fungi, bacteria and yeast. BioFabrication consists in using living organism´s metabolic processes, which come into operation once they come into contact with agricultural and food waste,as industrial production platforms. The result is a material that has the look, feel and smell similar to leather, but is plastic-free and not derived from animal sources.

NHEM2368 Hemp

Material composed of polypropylene reinforced with 20% hemp fibres. It is designed for covered or non visible automotive structural parts by injection process. Its composition allows up to 25% weight saving potential versus injected parts with conventinnal materials.

NHEMCOT2367 Hemp, Cotton

Paper made of 60% hemp fibres and 40% cotton. Thanks to the bright white colour of the hemp fibres, no optical brighteners are required. It is used in the production of products for the paper industry.

NWOL2366 Wool

Combed yarn made of 100% superfine merino wool. Easy to work, it is used in the production of upholstery and clothing.

RCOF2365 Coffee

Material created from recycled coffee grounds, it is lightweight and biodegradable. It has look like granite stone, it's composite of bio binders, minerals and plant based resin. Its manufacturing process allows for the creation of a range of products and surfaces that offer a variety of design possibilities for interior and exterior projects.

RLEA2364 Leather

Material made of 100% Pirarucu fish skin, dyed, available in different variants of finish, color, opacity. Characterized by a scaly appearance, it is used in the production of fashion accessories.

RNPLAPAP2362 Plastic, Paper

Material consisting of cellulose acetate produced using an innovative carbon regeneration technology that recycles acetate staple from post-industrial waste. The result is a cellulose acetate staple composed of 60% cellulose and 40% recycled acetate. Maintaining the same technical and aesthetic characteristics as traditional acetate, it is used in the production of sheets for the high-end eyewear market.

NOTH2361 Others

Yarn made of 100% nettle, using a process that converts the stems into a linen-like fabric and dyes it with natural plant dyes. It is used in the production of clothing and accessories.

RNOTHFRUCOT2360 Others, Fruits, Cotton

Lab-grown material made from unwanted local roots, fruits, and vegetables. Combined with a lower support in unbleached cotton, it is used in the production of fashion accessories and coatings, as an alternative to animal skin.

BPL2359 Bioplastics

Plasticizer-free thermoplastic material made from 67% potato starch, a bio-based and plant-based raw material. It provides excellent optical and transparency properties, has good fluidity and can be used in injection molding to produce fully biodegradable items.

NWOLSIL2358 Wool, Silk

Combed yarn made of 70% superfine merino wool blended with 30% silk. With very fine titrations, a soft hand and a brilliant appearance, it is used in the production of upholstery and clothing.

RCOT2357 Cotton

Patented material composed of post-industrial textile waste coming from an innovative up-cycling process. It is a mono-material of 100% organic fibers like cotton or 100% synthetic fibers such as polyester. It is used in the realization of packaging and gift items.

RBPLFRU2356 Fruits

Bio-plastic from vegetable sources only, produced agglomerating crushed walnut shell, into previously designed and fabricated molds. The resulting biodegradable thermoplastic material has the potential to replace wood and petrol-based plastics in the production of designer products.

NFLA2355 Flax

Yarn made of 100% combed recycled flax. It is used in the production of clothing and upholstery.

RNPLAWOLWOO2354 Plastic, Wool, Wood

Material made of 72% recycled post-industrial and post-consumer PA fibre from production waste, fishing nets found in the seas and recycled carpet pieces. It is joined with virgin wool and natural fibre from white European beech. It is used as upholstery.
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