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RNPAPPAP2308 Paper

Uncoated papers and boards made of 25% recycled cellulose, 25% certified cellulose and 10% cotton. It is available in white shade and seven pulp-coloured colours, and can be used  with the main printing systems. Is used in the paper industry.

RBUI2307 Inerts

Material made of various sizes, grains and color tones of post-industrial recycled marbles are skillfully blended with quality resins. Certified and tested as safe for contact with food and indoor environments, it is used in the realization of wall coverings and worktops.

RPLA2306 Plastic

Yarn obtained from recycled nylon 6. Through recycling and recovery, production scrap is converted into polymers and then into yarn endowed with technical performance characteristics perfect for textile flooring, apparel and automotive applications.

ROTHHEM2305 Others, Hemp

Fibres, yarns and fabrics made by processing low-value agricultural waste from food crops. These are mainly oilseed hemp, oilseed flax, wheat, rice, corn, pineapple leaves, and banana trunks. Through a process of dry and wet processing, it is used in the production of clothing and upholstery. The production process allows to produce excess bio-chemistry, organic fertilizer, and fiber for non-wood paper & packaging.

RBUI2303 Inerts

Material made of recycled porcelain and clay, fired in the kiln. It is used in the realization of pervious pavers in outdoor environments.

RNWOLPLAHEM2302 Wool, Plastic, Hemp

Material made of recycled textile fibres, made from recycled PET, recycled polyester, recycled wool and hemp. It uses a new patented manufacturing process that allows any kind of fibre to be recycled, from textile threads and shredded plastic bottles to natural fibres. The fibers are blown into a heated mold and pressed in order to obtain the final 3D shape. It is used in the realization of furnishing accessories.

ROTH2301 Others

Composit material made from agro-forest wastes bound by proprietary water-based binders, making it biodegradable, and recyclable. Applicable to almost all surfaces, is used in the realization of objects and coatings.

RPAP2300 Paper

Material made from cellulosic waste, obtained through partnerships with paper mills and waste management facilities. The waste are analyzed, sorted, and classified based on its composition to achieve a standard product. The fibers are mixed with water and enzymes, in order to generate stronger bonds, and finally worked through pressure and heat to make a panel. It is used in the realization of interior coatings.

RPAP2299 Paper

Material made of 100% recycled and certified paper from sustainably managed forests. Characterized by a palette of bright colors, it is used in the production of products for the paper industry.

RWOL2298 Wool

Panel made of Tyrolean sheep wool, preferably recycled or too rough to be used in the manufacture of clothing, combined with recycled PET fibers that act as a binder. The surfaces are soft and felted for a better acoustic effect, the core is hard but permeable and therefore highly sound absorbent. Nailed invisibly to the substructure, it is used in the realization of sound-absorbing coatings.

RBUI2297 Inerts

Material in vibrocompressed perforated blocks made of 70% recycled aggregates. 50 cm long and 25 cm high, it is available in different thicknesses. It is used in the realization of partitions and load-bearing walls.

RPAP2296 Paper

Material made of 100% recycled cellulose fibres, containing up to 50% post-consumer recycled fibres. Featuring an off-white nuance, it is particularly versatile and lends itself to the most diverse applications ranging from premium publishing to luxury packaging.

RRUB2295 Rubber

Pellet made from recycled rubber powder from end-of-life tyres. It s a most homogeneous product, manufactured with a specific diameter and cut off to a specific length, manufactured through a mechanical process. Mixed with polyurethane binder, it is ideal for playground base layers.

RPLA2294 Plastic

Material made of 100% post-consumer recycled PET. Through a mechanical process, the plastic bottles are transformed into a new yarn, without the use of chemicals. It contains an inside marker put during the spinning process, that allows to detect recycled material presence till the finished garment. It is used for upholstered furniture in both indoor and outdoor environments.

NCOR2293 Cork

Material made of agglomerated solid blond cork. Characterised by a wide range of shapes, it is used as a customisable acoustic wall covering based on traditional Scandinavian architecture.

RPAP2292 Paper

Material obtained by recycled cellulose fibres fixed with plaster, compacted with acrylic resins and other substances always strictly classified as non-hazardous. It allows the creation of artifacts or coatings perfectly similar to the cast concrete with the same ease of processing of a normal wooden pane. It can stand alone, without structural functions, or it can be coupled to other supporting materials such as wood panels or metal frames. It is suitable for applications where greater resistance to mechanical stress is required, such as doors, kitchen tops or in high humidity environments.

NBAM2291 Bamboo

Material made entirely of solid bamboo, obtained by pressing the bamboo strips horizontally for the wide knot version, vertically for the narrow knot version, or by compression. It is used in the construction of residential and commercial flooring.

RPAP2290 Paper

Material made of 100% post-consumer recycled paper fibres. It is used in the production of packaging in the food packaging industry.

RPLA2289 Plastic

Material made of 100% recycled HDPE made from shredded waste material. The material is usually made with industrial waste material but is also with collected material from any other field including household-waste. It melts at minimum temperatures so to have the minimum impact also during its transformation. It is perfect for outdoor use and is used in the realization of furniture.

RWOO2288 Wood

Material made of recycled wood made from used in packaging and pruning from the agricultural sector, from maintenance services in woods, parks, gardens and from separate waste collection in the recycling depots. The raw material is processed in a system that removes all impurities, refines it up to the required particle size, dries it and mixes it with thermo-setting glues. The next forming process takes place with extrusion presses in order to make a block of wood used in the production of pallets.

BPL2287 Bioplastics

Material made of biobased, and compostable polymer resin compounds made with modified PLA (polylactic acid). It is specifically engineered for injection molding for applications where high-heat performance and dimensional stability are critical such as foodservice packaging, garment packaging accessories, and agricultural clips.

NHEM2286 Hemp

Material made from hemp felt and transformed into a rigid panel. It is used in the production of furniture and furnishing accessories.

RMET2285 Metals

Lightweight panel made of 100% recycled aluminum foam and recyclable. It is available with one or both sides open, in order to filter the light while ensuring brightness It is an ideal solution for construction and communication projects.

RNPLABAM2284 Plastic, Bamboo

Fabric made of 86%% post-consumer recycled polyester and 14% bamboo viscose. It is used in the production of upholstery.

ROTH2283 Others

Material derived from microbial cellulose obtained from organic, agricultural and industrial liquid wastes; biomass waste products from the beer, wine and liquid food industries. The cellulose, through a patented process with low environmental impact, is then transformed into rayon fiber. The process doesn’t not involve the felling of trees or require the use of arable land or its associated use of irrigation, pesticides and other resource intensive inputs. It is used in the production of fabrics for clothing and upholstery.
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