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RGLA2168 Glass

Material made of glass wool containing more than 70% recycled glass made from household glass, rejected glass bottles and internal scraps from production process joined with a plant-based binder. It is used as acoustic insulation.

RPLA2167 Plastic

Yarns made of 100% recycled PET and available in raw white, package dyed and solution dyed. It is used in the production of fabrics for clothing and home.

RBUI2166 Inerts

Material made of 75% post-industrial recycled stone aggregates such as marble and granite chips from quarries long since closed, joined with recycled portland cement and fly ash. It is used as a self supporting tile for flooring anc covering.

RNCOCOTH2165 Coconut, Others

Material made of 90% coconuts fibres extracted from coconuts pretreated with natural fermentation, joined through the use of natural latex. It is used in the production of mattresses and upholstered furniture.

RTEX2164 Textile waste

Material made of recycled textile waste. It is used in the production of felts for the furniture and mattress industry.

RPLA2163 Plastic

Panel made of 100% post-consumer recycled PET made from plastic packaging. It is used in the production of worktops and furniture.

RRUB2162 Rubber

SBR rubber material made of recycled tires, bound with thermoplastic polymer. Specifically designed for horizontal drainage of new-generation football fields, it can also be easily produced with holes for a vertical drainage.

RPLA2161 Plastic

Material made of 100% post-industrial recycled LDPE and ABS obtained from injection moulding waste. Not suitable for industrial use, it is used in the realization of non-constructive panel looking stone-like.

NJUT2160 Jute

Fabric made of 100% jute fibres. Characterized by an intrinsic biodegradability, in is used in the production of footwear, automotive, decoration and furniture industry.

NWOO2159 Wood

Material made of 100% beech wood cultivated sustainably and made from a "Chain of Custody " It is subjected to a pressing technolog and is used in the production of chairs and curved furniture. Moulded wood can be directly pressed with plastic films, decorative papers and foundation films.

RPLA2158 Plastic

High performance acrylic solid surface material with a recycled content of more than 6%. It is used as countertops and horizontal and vertical surfaces for residential and commercial applications.

NPAP2157 Paper

Material made of 100% certified paper. Available in twelve colours. It is excellent for packaging, corporate literature, covers, inserts and brochures.

RPLA2156 Plastic

Panel made of 100% polyester with a percentage of post-consumer recycled material greater than 50%. The recycled fibres come from the recovery of plastic bottles. It is characterised with a combination of functional of sound absorption, heat insulation and decoration. It is used in the construction of partition panels and cladding for high traffic environments.

NHEM2155 Hemp

Panel made of hemp fibres, soft and flexible, it is characterized by remarkable insulating properties both for cold and heat. It is used in the creation of cavities in walls, wooden roofs, false ceilings or subfloors to reduce the noise of footsteps.

NBAM2154 Bamboo

Panel made of 100% bamboo, consists of multiple layers of bamboo, where the middle layer can be either horizontal or vertical grain. These bamboo panel are especially interesting in those applications where the side of panel remains visible such as furniture and coverings.

RCOT2153 Cotton

Material made of a mix of regenerated white cotton fibres and synthetic of light colours fibres. Characterized by a high degree of soundproofing, sound absorption an excellent thermal insulaton, it is used for padding.

RTEX2152 Textile waste

Material made of recycled textile waste. It is used in the production of hard felts for the furniture and mattress industry.

RPLA2151 Plastic

Material made of 100% post-consumer recycled HDPE and LDPE obtained from pig farm waste and old buckets. It is used in the realization of objects and coverings.

RPLA2150 Plastic

PET felt in a recycled, non-woven fabric, obtained from plastic bottles. Subsequent to the shaping process, the correct geometry is punched or cut out a CNC water jet. It is used in both structural and acousticl applications. Reinforcement structures, logos or surface texture can easily be integrated into the product & mould design.

RNLEAOTH2149 Leather, Others

Material made of bonded leather and natural latex, the raw material is represented today by chrome tanned bovine hide trimmings. It is an ideal raw material for the manufacture of leather goods, and it has excellent softness and elasticity, which are the basic features for raw cut trim belts, belts as lining, furnishings and homeware.

RPLA2148 Plastic

Fabric made of 93% post-consumer recycled polyester derived from 100% recycled bottles, and 7% elastane. Characterized by good elasticity, it is used in the production of technical clothing and upholstery.

NHEM2147 Hemp

Block made of lime and hemp, it is suitable for creating curtain walling with thermal and acoustic insulation performance. Suitable for wood, steel or reinforced concrete structures, doubling of masonry and partitions.

RNPAPPAP2146 Paper

Papers and boards made of 80% recycled and certified paper and 20% pure certified cellulose fibres. Pulp coloured. It is ideal for coordinated graphic materials, covers, inserts, brochures, portfolios and converting products.

NWOL2145 Wool

Material made of 100% Dutch Texel wool, a unique breed of sheep that have adapted to a very windy and harsh environment to produce a long wool fibre with a high crinkle factor and high natural lanolin content. The wool is harvested from a sustainable source without harm to the animal and is followed by a needle punch process. It is used in the realization of insulation and upholstery.

RLEA2144 Leather

Material made of 51% recycled leather made from the waste of leather production. The fibres of the leather are combined with synthetic PET fibres and a weave of fabric through a process of “water fusion” that compacts them into a single material. It is used in place of cowhide in the manufacture of fashion accessories, footwear and furniture.
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