Matrec + Ecopneus: new circular products made of recycled rubber from ELT

“Rethinking materials” is the slogan that distinguished the development of new application solutions for ELT rubber.

A project promoted by Ecopneus and developed by Matrec, where over ten innovative and circular solutions of new materials and products with ELT rubber have been created.

The project has seen the creation of new material identities where the ELT rubber has been mixed with different sustainable materials as  wood, cork, straw.

The research, carried out by Matrec, has allowed to evaluate the compatibility between the ELT rubber and different materials, and to test the quality of material mixes by controlling the final performances.

Furthermore, the search for the best aesthetics and design have led to final solutions with forbidden shapes and contrasts characterized by games between lights and shadows.

Rethinking the materials to give them a new identity and value is an activity as Matrec  we are developing with successfully. We are collaborating with companies from different sectors to try to enhance production waste to create new matter and circular solutions” says Marco Capellini, CEO of Matrec.

In a circular economy context this is a winning solution to give a new identity to the products and allow companies to reduce their waste and obtain an economic benefit.

All new materials will soon be presented to the public and selled on the market.