Knowing circular and innovative materials, interpreting sustainable trends and applying winning models of circularity measurement: these are our strengths accrued from twenty years of experience shared with companies in different sectors.
Our consulting proposal is characterized by three main modular and complementary services: Tailored To Me, My Circular Size and My Circular Driver.
In addition, companies can independently access Matrec Lab, a tool to know thousands of international circular materials and products, in addition to trends reports, and get in touch directly with manufacturers.



A “tailor-made” service designed to integrate research with product development processes and characterized by:

  • Access to CircularTool by Matrec: a personalized and customizable dashboard
  • Research and selection of circular materials with the references of the manufacturing companies
  • Analysis of circularity trends by sector at international level
  • Benchmark analysis for materials, products and corporate circularity strategies
  • Support for the definition of characteristics of sustainability and circularity in the product development phase
  • Valorization of process waste



The opportunity for the company to assess the efficient use of its resources, compare with the five pillars of the Circular Economy and take action in line with the European Commission’s Action Plan.

  • Circularity measurement to quantify the environmental performance of the resources used by the company for the development and design of products, services and projects
  • Three different measurement approaches: from Circular Material Mapping (Product and Company) to Circular Economy Performances
  • KPIs definition and metrics for the construction of a Circular Economy model based on the specific characteristics of the company
  • Support for Circular Economy models application: from assessment to improvement



Information and training actions to accompany the company to develop its circular economy own vision and to define the sustainability strategy to be undertaken

  • On board: phase aimed to transfer the guiding principles of circular economy
  • Analysis and evaluation of the state of the art
  • Definition of circularity operational route of in line with the company’s core business
  • Support for identification and communication of relevant aspects of circularity


How can I know circular materials and sustainable market trends?

Through the Matrec Lab subscription service, you can access more than 1800 circular materials, to have a general overview of recycled, natural and bio-materials. Each material sheet contains technical characteristics, environmental properties and the manufacturer’s contact details. Thanks to the constant research carried out at international level, it is possible to view the trends of sustainable product for different business sectors.

Which sustainable and innovative materials can I use for my project?

Through the consulting service “Tailored to me”, according to the product, the technical requirements indicated by the company and the market target, we select the most suitable innovative solutions of circular materials for your project. We also highlight advantages, aesthetic qualities, technical and environmental characteristics, reliability, production capacity and supplier contacts.

I would like to know what are the sustainable product trends for my product/sector

We are available for in-depth benchmark analysis aimed at interpreting sustainability trends for different products types. We analyze materials, technologies used and communication methods, producing a report with comprehensive picture of the results achieved.

How do I know how circular is my material or product?

With reference to existing rules, we have developed a three-level calculation methodology (CMMA – CMMP – CEP) to measure the circularity of products, services, projects or companies. We consider the environmental performance of resources used in addition to the economic aspects. We analyze the data flow with an “input-output” approach, considering entire life cycle, to obtain a circularity index and metrics, with which to evaluate criticality and improvement actions.

How can my company approach the circular economy for the application of a strategy or metrics?

We support you through a training and information programme aimed at all corporate figures to increase environmental awareness. We support the company in the definition of sustainability and circularity strategies by developing a roadmap with objectives to be achieved.

How can I choose the most functional circularity KPIs for my company?

We support you to apply circularity metrics through definition of specific KPIs that support the company’s decision-making processes: set objectives and report results. In this way the company can constantly monitor circular projects and make improvements.

How can I communicate to customers and the market that I use sustainable materials and that my product is circular?

Together we identify the most relevant aspects of circularity to turn them into key content for communication. Strategic support to present the company’s values in terms of sustainability and environmental performance of your products.

How can I valorize the waste generated by my production process?

Through research and development activities, we verify at national and international level technologies and companies that can transform waste into a new resource or use it as an “ingredient” for the creation of new sustainable materials.