New Ikea collection from recycled uniforms

Over the past two years, Ikea has collected hundreds of pallets of old uniforms for an in-depth study of textile recycling within the company during the launch of a new uniform model for its employees.
From February 2024 the new Ikea collection, VÄXELBRUK, consisting of plaids, cushion covers and curtains made of 100% recycled material made from 300 tonnes of recycled uniforms collected from European markets, will be available.
The post-consumer recycled fabric is shredded to produce fibres, which with the addition of other circular materials, such as post-consumer recycled polyester from bottles or pre-consumer recycled textile waste, guarantee the required colour expressions and quality standards.
The use of the original colours, combined with industrial textile surpluses, avoided a new dyeing process and made it possible to use fewer resources.
The bag, on the other hand, also featured in the VÄXELBRUK collection, was made from a defective lot from the new uniform collection.
The material of the shirt, with its elastic properties, was used to create a non-woven fabric, thermally bonded with virgin polyester fibres.

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