Extendible recycled plastic garment

Ispired by aerospace engineering, a company has designed extendible clothes, the same garment grows up in 7 sizes and can be used by children aged 9 months to 4 years.
The circular material suitable for this type of application is made of recycled PET from bottles, which allows the garment to be breathable, lightweight and rainproof.
The expanding origami structure permit the fabric to regulate its size, so as to follow the child during its growth path, in countertrend with the logic of fast fashion. The aim is to use sustainable materials for as long as possible, creating fewer amounts of textile waste, in addition having a mono-fibre construction, the clothes is designed to be completely recyclable at the end of its useful life.
The design and conception of the suits is carried out in the London office, while for production, a partnership has been established with a manufacturer based in Portugal, which obtains 30% of the energy used to manufacturing processes from solar panels.

Source and image: shop.petitpli.com