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The collection of plastics from the oceans and their subsequent recycling and reuse represents one of the new challenges of recent years.
The invention of plastic, in all its subsequent declinations, has brought a revolution in the world of materials and industry, as it has many qualities and characteristics of resistance, durability and flexibility.
This high-performance material, in addition to being spread on a large scale and to all sectors, has also given rise to new product logics such as single-use, which, associated with a reduced consciousness of end-of-life management, has led to serious pollution problems, especially in the sea and oceans.
Some companies, through a circular design approach and the use of materials with recycled content, increasingly promoted also by institutions, have shown how recycled plastic can offer many opportunities and competitive advantages.
The publication shows a series of products belonging to different product sectors and mainly made of recycled plastic obtained from collection in the seas and oceans.

The trends reported in this publication are a brief selection of those in MATREC’s International Observatory.

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