Sitting on sustainability

  • Name: Giulia
Material: cardboard
Company: Naj-Oleari
Country: Italy
  • Name: Corky
Material: cork
Company: VIA - Valorisation de l’Innovation dans l’Ameublement
Country: France
  • Name: Paperchair
Material: paper from newspapers
Company: Mario Stadelmann
Country: Switzerland
  • Name: Pod
Material: PET from bottles
Company: De Vorm
Country: Netherlands
  • Name: Daylight™
Material: PP from car batteries
Company: KI
Country: USA
  • Name: eiffel
Material: recycled paper
Company: Shigeki Fujishiro Design
Country: Japan
  • Name: Rubber Stool
Material: recycled rubber
Company: h220430
Country: Japan

A selection of seats made of environmentally sustainable materials

Seats as indoor furnishing items offer an amazing variety of design solutions that designers and companies provide to the market every year. In this respect, environment-friendly seats come in high numbers and offer utmost creativity to the market in terms of materials, reuse techniques, and recycling strategies.