Milan EcoDesign Week 2012

  • Emeco
  • Regenesi
  • Essent'ial
  • Bitossi Home
  • KEY
  • Kubedesign

Sustainability on stage at the 2012 Furniture Exhibition

The 2012 edition of the International Furniture Exhibition and the FuoriSalone events are focused, this year again, on eco-design and environmental sustainability expressed in a variety of design forms conceived by architects and designers that used their imagination with care for the environment.

The new collection of cardboard products by Kubedesign
Cardboard is used more and more often in our homes and in public venues as a tough and strong, yet light and functional material, which satisfies our need for handy furniture that follows us in our ever-changing housing style. Kubedesign introduces the 2012 collection, rich of projects that integrate and satisfy the needs of those that find a new way to use spaces in this original furnishing style.

The Mobile Lamp by Matali Crasset from Regenesi
The latest creation of Matali Crasset for Regenesi is the Mobile Lamp, a small appliance conceived as a mechanic’s lamp that, with its hook, brings its soft light around the house. Part of the o-Re-gami line, it uses regenerated leather sheets (100% recycled and recyclable) simply folded to interpret the different potentials of spaces, of the folds, and of the materials’ cracks.

The Broom Chair by Philippe Stark from Emeco
Philippe Starck designed the Broom Chair, a new recycled and recyclable chair for Emeco, conceived to last in time. The chair is made with 75% regenerated polypropylene, 15% recycled wooden fibre, and 10% glass fibre.

Sacchi of the FLUO line from Essent’ial
The creativity of Essent’ial is put on display and offers the FLUO Line for FuoriSalone 2012. Pop, acid, and vivid colours, according to the latest trends. Essent’ial is fond of colours and introduces the Sacchi line in four fluorescent shades of high visual impact, filled with paint overflowing on the outer walls: colour flows down the edges with fluo drops. Completely made of pulp fibres, the Sacchi of the FLUO Line are available in three sizes (Sacchino F, Sacchetto, and Saccaccio) and in four shocking colours: lemon fluo, pink fluo, orange fluo, and acid fluo.

The BIO Home line from Bitossi Home
BIO Home is a collection of coloured, amusing, strong table accessories, suited for all situations: from a garden party to the home to a pick-nick at the park. The BIO Home line is made of bamboo fibres. This plant grows spontaneously in huge quantities, with no need for fertilization. Bamboo is a non-toxic and non-polluting, strong, recyclable, compostable, biodegradable material.

The Inside kitchen from KEY
An innovative kitchen set with a strong eco-sustainable character made of SWANSTONE®, a new-generation ecological material. The cooking top, designed with the innovative and tested concealed induction technology, with slight engravings that define the layout of pans, ensures minimal aesthetic impact and extreme ease of use and cleaning. The knife racks, the shelves and the storage basins arranged in the slit carved into the oversized top are made of wood with canaletto walnut finish or SWANSTONE®, whereas the doors have a delicate geometric engraving. The sink ensures top continuity with the working basin in the same material, and hosts to a high-tech digital mixer. The hood, completely coated with SWANSTONE®, has a special construction that produces a scenic effect, while allowing to direct the steam flow.