Let’s talk about measuring the circularity of products with Cassina and Hera Luce

On 06 December 2022, the last event of 2022 entitled: Measuring the circularity of products and projects took place in the Press Room of Montecitorio, Chamber of Deputies.
Thanks to the participation of two companies, Italian excellences in their sector, such as Cassina and Hera Luce, the design and measurement aspects of circularity were concretely discussed. In particular, the essential stages were highlighted that, from the selection of KPIs to the applied model, defined the entire development process carried out in collaboration with Matrec.
Concept, choice of materials, design methods, assesment and improvement are some of the aspects that characterise the circularity design and measurement strategy based on a quantitative approach.

The event can be viewed at this link:


Source and image: matrec