Exhibition of environmentally sustainable materials in Guadalajara, Mexico

The Mexican ITESO University houses an exhibition on sustainable materials, organized by MATREC, to make known environmental issues in the country.

As part of the activities promoted by MATREC EcoMaterials Library on spread and promotion of environmental issues, an exhibition on sustainable materials was organized and carried out at ITESO, the Jesuit University in Guadalajara, Mexico.

The aim of the exhibition, held on April 22 to 26, was to meet and involve associations, institutions and companies of the country and to raise awareness and communicate the importance of the use of environmentally sustainable materials for the development of new products.

These issues, and in particular environmentally sustainable materials, ecodesign and eco-innovation of product, have been the main topic of a conference organized within the exhibition and held by Marco Capellini architect, President of MATREC.

The issue of environmental sustainability in design and architecture must be addressed in a serious way. Put a “green dot” is not enough to say that a design solution is “green”. The consumer must be properly informed about the environmental value of what he wants to buy.” Marco Capellini architect says.