Bio-based EVA material

Bio-based EVA material
Compression molding bio-based foam, made of biobased carbon content made from renewable raw materials and recycled polyethylene resins. Are used by-products of the production of food crops, which generates large amounts of cellulosic by-products such as rice husks, bamboo and wood residues. It is available in three color variations based on the raw materials used. The F series uses rice husks and straw, the B series uses wood, rice husks and bamboo straws, and the H series uses tapioca starch derived from cassava. It not only has the characteristics of thermo-moldable and easy fabrication, but also can customize to meet specific customer needs for resilience, elongation, hardness and density. It finds use as an alternative to conventional EVA foam made from fossil raw material.
Recycled material
  • PE
  • wood
  • bamboo
Post-industrial recycled material
  • rice husks
  • agricultural waste