Vitra revisits the Tip Ton RE seat with recycled PP in a sustainable way

The Vitra furniture brand, as part of its sustainability strategy, is questioning the use of circular materials and new design and production processes with less impact, extending the research to new proposals but also to solutions able to reinterpret in a sustainable way the products that have already been part of the company’s catalog in the past.

Among the latter stands out the new edition of the Tip Ton RE seat, characterized by a rocking chair style base, which tilting requires a robust and quality structure. Made of recycled polypropylene from the German plastic household waste collection system, with the addition of a small part of fiberglass to increase its stability.

Through a careful selection of polypropylene from other composite materials or metals, it is shredded and converted into granules and then used without the addition of dyes. The seat at the end of its life cycle is recyclable.

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