Starbucks Reserve ROastery in Milan choose Perpetua

Starbucks have choosen italian brands to celebrate the opening of the new Reserve Roastery in Milano in the historical Post office building located in Cordusio square. The new shop, dedicated to the roasting, extraction methods and packaging of fine coffee, is enriched by a collection made by PERPETUA and WRÅD with a specific topic: the innovative reusing of the graphite powder extracted from the productive process of industrial production.
PERPETUA, a brand by ALISEA with an important research activity on upcycling, presents a new pencil set made of graphite powder, and four noteook with illustration about the theme. WRAD, instead, movement founded in 2015 that works on sustainability in fashion field, has developed an innovative t-shirt, coloured by the graphite powder, used in the productive process for PERPETUA.

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