Seamless beachwear

Seamless beachwear

Cifra, an Italian manufacturing company specializing in hi-tech knitwear, is making its mark in the beachwear world by applying its innovative Warp Knit Seamless (WKS™) production process. The innovation consists in a patented technology that allows to obtain swimwear and sportswear without seams. Due to the sophistication achieved, it is able to map the body to create specific functional areas. In 3D knitting technology, WKS TM Raschel with double needle bar in jacquard warp, the front and back needle bars work simultaneously in both sides, while the center jacquard knit bar joins them to form the seamless garment.

The advantages that distinguish this process are the high productivity and the flexibility of the garment shape it returns.

The fibers and yarns used include a long list of circular materials characterized by recycled content such as 100% recycled polyester, recycled Nylon 6 and natural merino wool fibers.

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