Recycled plastic toys

In a survey conducted in 2017, almost 90% of of toys for young children are mainly made in plastic, PP or PE. Not every container site recycles hard plastic, often
plastic end up in landfills or waste incinerators.
In order to recover and recycle these products, a Belgian company has created a production model that reflects the principles of circular economy, uses circular materials and uses an extremely virtuous process.
A school programme to raise awareness on recycling issues educates children to recycle their old toys in special containers. Toys are used to make new products.
This is how children’s tables, chairs and lamps were created, made of rotational-moulded polyethylene from 100% recycled plastic.
After the collection, the plastic toys are unpacked and checked to make sure there are no unwanted materials such as batteries and textiles. Following this, the
plastic is ground, scaled and finally printed again to create the new products.

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