Recyclable footwear made of recycled materials

The Re-shoes project stems from the desire of an Italian shoe manufacturer to recycle end-of-life footwear with the aim of reducing its environmental impact.
The new RE-shoes collection is made with the use of circular materials, such as certified recycled leather derived from the recompacting of leather fibres using water in a continuous cycle, without environmentally harmful adhesives. The upper and lining are also made from 75% recycled cotton obtained from certified post-industrial waste. The padding consists of high-density latex foam made from recompacted foam waste, while the removable insoles are made of 30% recycled polyurethane. The soles used for the footwear are made of recycled EVA, natural and recycled rubber from production waste, and dual component EVA and TPU, both recycled.
At the end of the life cycle of the shoe, the user can return them to the company for recycling.

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