Paddings and mattresses made with materials from renewable biological sources

Mattresses made of materials from renewable sources, from the padding to the upholstery.
Equipped with a certified organic natural latex rubber foam, obtained from responsibly managed forests of which the company is the owner. This circular material guarantees high performance in terms of breathability, durability and resistance. Two layers are used inside the mattress, seamless and without chemical adhesives.
Certified organic wool is used to complete the padding, which provides numerous advantages thanks to its well-known chemical-physical structure, offering thermal insulation, moisture absorption, resistance to dust mites and hypoallergenic and naturally antimicrobial characteristics.
The mattress does not require the application of flame retardant chemicals and synthetic fire barriers in order to comply with safety standards, as the wool itself is naturally flame resistant, tending to char and self-extinguish rather than burn.
The mattress covers are made of 100% certified organic cotton without any polyester contamination.
The mattresses are hand-tufted using the needle-tufting technique, through which it is possible to bind the inner layers in a maximum of 32 points, without the use of toxic solvents or water-based adhesives.
The company owns the farms and cultivated areas that are managed responsibly for the production of the materials used in the final products, in order to guarantee their quality and sustainability.
Each end product is certified for low emissions and absence of formaldehyde, phthalates and other chemicals harmful to the environment and human health.

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