News from the LEGO Sustainable Material Team

Lego is working hard to find solutions to make their famous bricks from more sustainable materials by 2032.
From 2024, transparent elements, like light sabres, windscreens and windows, include advanced recycled materials from artificial marble kitchen worktops. This new material will be present in more than 60% of Lego sets.
Since 2018, they have been producing flexible parts like flowers, botanical elements, and mini-figure accessories out of bio-polyethylene (bio-PE) which is made from sugarcane, ensuring proper replanting and safeguarding food safety.
By 2025, robust, rigid elements (such as axels) will be produced with a new cutting-edge technology that mixes renewable energy and CO2 from organic waste.
Over the years, the team has tested over 600 materials with the aim to mak products more sustainable. Some materials have worked, others have not, but any material used must always meet rigorous safety, quality and durability standards.

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