New sustainable Nike Air Max 90

The synergy between Nike and Maharishi, a company committed to the production of sustainable, long-lasting and high-quality clothing has given rise to a reinterpretation of the classic Nike Air Max 90 model in a sustainable key, through the use of organic fabrics, recycled materials and natural dying processes.
The shoe upper is constructed from a 100% organic cotton that has been naturally dyed with pomegranate and turmeric.
For the pigmentation of TPU elements such as the logo that distinguishes the well-known brand and other details that enrich the shoe, recycled wood sawdust obtained by grinding down the shipping pallets is used, with the aim of recalling the wood effect.
To offer the market a product made of circular materials the outsole made of Nike Grind, a range of materials derived from recycled sports shoes and surplus manufacturing materials, the result of a wider Nike project that involves many of its sports items and aims to give long life to the materials used by recycling them in new products.

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