Nespresso: a bicycle made of recycled aluminium capsules

Nespresso in partnership with Swedish brand Vélosophy, a manufacturer of lifestyle bicycles already committed to sustainability, to create an elegant bicycle using recycled aluminium from coffee capsules.
The project, named RE: CYCLE, shows a perfect balance between sustainability and style, where a circular material such as recycled aluminium gives life to an exclusive and premium product, aligning the two brands towards a circular economy path. The final product is characterized by details that remind us of the well-known coffee brand and represents an icon of sustainable design for everyday use.
Aluminium can be melted and reused indefinitely forever, which is way Nestlè Nespresso has organised a structured system for collecting post-consumer capsules. With the collaboration of its stores, local and online retailers, Nestlè has set up a return procedure where the client is the protagonist of the process, through the collection in special bags.

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