From juice to peel: glasses made with citrus waste

The design studio Carlo Ratti Associati, in collaboration with Eni, has developed a circular economy project that provides for the creation of a structure with the appearance of a bar that distributes orange juice to customers and at the same time is able to squeeze and use citrus waste.
The prototype is very well designed, with its domed roof where 1,500 oranges are placed, which automatically slide into the juicer when someone orders a cup of juice.
The particular innovation of the Feel the Peel project is that the machine, after squeezing the orange, uses the peel to transform it into cups to serve the juice. The peels are converted into bio-plastic through a process of drying and grinding. Once heated and melted, the bio-polymer becomes a filament that is used by a 3D printer incorporated inside the machine, which creates at sight the glass into which the juice will be pour.
The resulting cups, being made of circular materials, can be reused or recycled.

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