Mercedes: a new technological and sustainable vehicle concept

Mercedes launches a new vehicle concept that opens the doors to future mobility, achieving high levels of experimentation in technological terms without forgetting the issue of sustainability. The interior of the cabin has been designed with circular materials, upholstered with recycled microfiber fabrics made using old clothes, flags and PET bottles, whose production is characterized by low pollutant emissions and reduced energy consumption. This sustainable material, changing colour shades according to the light, has lent itself well to enrich the aesthetic aspect of such a futuristic project.
The new concept provides for a constant connection between passenger and vehicle using advanced technologies, 4 high performance electric motors, equipped with a compact and powerful high voltage battery, whose technology is based on the chemistry of organic cells based on graphene that can be recycled at the end of their life, thus completely eliminating the presence of rare earths and metals, making them independent from fossil resources.

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