McDonald’s: New zero emission concept

McDonald’s has set itself the goal of building its restaurants according to a zero net emissions concept, in line with the UKGBC Net Zero Emissions standard.
The first pilot restaurant is based in the UK and will serve as a model for future new building development, using locally sourced circular materials.
Recycled materials have been used to replace carbon-intensive materials. Cladding is made from recycled computer equipment and appliances applied to a total area of 250 square metres. The walls of the building are insulated with waste wool otherwise destined for landfill.
The kerbstones are made from recycled PET, which is derived from approximately 182 post-consumer bottles each, while the Drive-Thru lane is made from recycled rubber from end-of-life tyres.
For the signs inside the restaurant, a bio-plastic made from exhausted coffee beans was applied.
The building is powered by renewable energy, partly self-generated through the installation of two wind turbines and solar panels.

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