Matrec + Ecopneus = 15 eco-innovative materials to Technology Hub

Matrec and Ecopneus will present 15 new eco-innovative materials obtained by using recycled rubber made from End of Life Tyres (ELT) and ennobled with other environmentally sustainable materials. The presentation will take place at the next edition of Technology Hub (MiCo-fieramilanocity 20-22 April 2017), the event promoted by Senaf which presents the key technologies for the industrial world.

The 15 materials are the result of a project that was aimed to give new identities to ELT rubber.

The development of new eco-friendly composite materials is initially started from the analysis of the physical properties of ELT recycled rubber, and in particular by the elasticity, acoustic insulation and resistance characteristics.

They were subsequently selected “noble” materials, from recycled and renewable source, to join with ELT recycled rubber to get new innovative materials.

The 15 new materials also have unique characteristics from the point of view of customization and the possibility to increase strength and stability by varying the thickness of rubber layer.

Several areas have been identified for the application in the world of architecture and design.

- Floating floors and free-standing

- Wall coverings

- Thermal acoustic insulation panels

- Seating and objects

They are developing several experiments for the application of new materials in areas such as marine, footwear, automotive, clothing and sports equipment to bring in these sectors environmentally sustainable and innovative solutions.

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