KLM: 3D printed components from traveller-generated waste

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines has embarked on an interesting path of circular economy, recovering post-consumer plastic bottle waste, generated by travellers during each flight, to produce components used in fleet maintenance and repair.
In collaboration with a company specialising in plastic recycling, the recovered bottles are transformed into recycled PET filaments and then used in the production of components through 3D printing.
The 3D printing process was already used by KLM’s Engineering & Maintenance division, but the company had to purchase the filaments externally. With this operation, the company has significantly reduced costs and made the maintenance phase a circular and innovative process.
Through this approach, a few components have been developed, such as plugs to cover the rim holes during the painting phase of the aircraft wheels.
The protective tape that was used during the maintenance of the turbines was replaced by a 3D printed recycled PET cover.

Source and image: news.klm.com/