Jaguar Land Rover: the second life of aluminium

Aluminium is a recyclable and circular material and a key component in the vehicles manufacturing process and as such Jaguar Land Rover committed to ensuring its use as responsible as possible.

The REALITY project of the UK’s automotive manufacture, in fact, aims to recover aluminium from existing Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles and reform it into a new high-grade aluminium to create new vehicles.

Once separated from the others components, the aluminium scrap is melted and reformed, while still ensuring the high performance of the recycled material.

The process is currently being tested, it is expected to reduce the CO2 impact of production while reducing the amount of virgin aluminium required to produce vehicles.

The project complies with the principles of circular economy, it is an alternative to a traditional linear economy, in which resources are used for as long as possible and materials are regenerated at the end of each service life.

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