Hyundai: upcycling fashion collection from car waste materials

Hyundai has launched an upcycling fashion collection called “Re:Style 2020″, made using waste materials from production processes and car scrapping with the aim of highlighting all those materials that are not destined for recycling such as ferrous components and metals.
In collaboration with leading designers and well-known fashion brands sensitive to sustainability issues, Hyundai intends to demonstrate how discarded resources can be transformed into valuable products. The “Re:Style 2020″ capsule collection consists of accessories, bags and clothing.
Jewelry, necklaces and bracelets are obtained by reusing safety belts, car glass and foam combined with gold, silver and pearls.
Suits made with denim and leather discarded during the production phase.
Vests made with the reuse of airbags and finally bags created with safety belts, the fabric of the mats and padding.

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