Gervasoni 1882: Sustainable reinterpretation of the Ghost sofa

Gervasoni 1882 presented at Supersalone 2021 a sustainable reinterpretation of the Ghost sofa. The project was based on a circularity measurement analysis of the iconic sofa.
Using the CIRCULARTOOL By Matrec, a team of designers, coordinated by Emanuele Mariotto, was able to bring the new concept to life by orienting itself towards the use of circular materials and focusing attention on the engineering process.
The CIRCULARTOOL by Matrec, allowed to apply the principles of circular economy to the new project, bringing to light the criticalities on which to work.
During the assessment phase, the material circularity of the original Ghost sofa was found to be 26.5%. At the end of the work, through the implementation of specific improvement actions, the result of material circularity reached 70.9%.
The new version of the sofa is made of a single-material structure in certified plywood. The steel springs are characterized by an 80% recycled content, coming from old scrap. The sofa’s upholstery was made from a thermally bonded 75% post-consumer recycled polyester, 25% virgin polyester present and virgin polyurethane foam. The fabric is made entirely of recycled polyester, while the removable cover is made of a mixed fabric.
The Ghost sofa can be completely disassembled to promote repairability of components and efficient end-of-life material management.

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