Furniture with recycled materials for a restaurant Zero waste

An innovative and sustainable Zero waste restaurant located in London, has applied its philosophy not only to the food it serves, but has made the whole context consistent to enrich the experience of its customers, characterizing the environment with objects and furniture made with recycled materials and materials from renewable sources.
Tables, poufs and hanging lamps have been made with mycelium, the vegetative part of mushrooms grown with grain waste from beer production. Natural cork flooring, which can be recycled at the end of its life.
Through the crushing and reworking of the glass of wine bottles consumed in the restaurant have been made for plates and wall lighting lampshades, in recycled glass.
Other tables and plates have been made using recycled plastic, derived from plastic bags and post-consumer food packaging.
The restaurant concept aims to bring innovation to the food industry, demonstrating that the waste generated can be efficiently reused for the production of new products.

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