Fish skin scraps for fashion accessories

Wallets made through the recovery and valorization of fish leather scraps, derived from the food industry, which would otherwise be destined to become waste.
The fish leather is tanned through a natural process that uses willow bark and does not require synthetic chemicals. The bark used is a by-product of the cricket bats industry and comes from plants certified for sustainable forest management. During the tanning process, the scales are removed and the classic smell is eliminated.
The resulting material is very durable, thanks to its thickness and fibers characterized by the cross-hatch pattern typical of fish skin.
The company donates 50 percent of its profits to projects aimed at preserving the fish’s river habitats.
Also as part of building its own circular economy model, it offers the possibility of obtaining a discount in exchange for returning the wallet at the end of its life, so that the fish leather can be reused.

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