Ferrarelle: plastic from waste to resource

Plastic management has now become an important strategic asset for production companies, Ferrarelle being involved in the front line with the packaging of its products has started a very significant path, which led to the inauguration of a new factory dedicated to the recycling process of PET bottles, equipped with a photovoltaic system to ensure energy from renewable sources to the processing process.
The aim is to reduce the placing of virign plastic on the market, since the start of the project results in 23 million kg of recycled PET per year, which are converted into into R-PET. The positive aspect of PET, which the group is exploiting, is that it is a 100% recyclable material, so each post-consumer bottle that is recycled becomes anothr new one, which can be made up of R-PET for a maximum of 50% of its composition.
The production of this circular material consists of 4 main phases: at the beginning the PET bottles are selected and separated from the caps; in the next step they are washed, cleaned of labels and other materials and reduced to very small flakes. The third step consists of drying and infrared verification of the shredded material, with which the preforms are then produced, with a structure similar to tubes, which will be transformed into bottles.

Source and image: ferrarelle.it