Electric commercial vehicles with flax and bio resins bodywork

Electric commercial vehicle designed for deliveries in urban centers, with the aim of mitigating the environmental impact of logistics.
The external body panels have been realized in collaboration with the European Space Agency, using a circular material made of flax and biodegradable resins.
The flax fiber, in quality, thickness and torsion undergoes an engineering process that makes it light and reinforced, in terms of stiffness and weight it can equal carbon fiber, using 75% less CO2 for its production.
The flax mat is combined with a biodegradable resin, derived from rape seed oil.
In the event of an accident, the flax composite guarantees high performance, bending and remodeling until breakage, offering flexible fracture behavior without sharp edges.
In addition, the startup manufacturer offers the Truck as a Service (TaaS) solution by giving access to fleets of electric and sustainable commercial vehicles, through the payment of a monthly fee including assistance, maintenance and insurance.

Source and image: voltatrucks.com