Dolomite: high performance sustainable shoes collection

Dolomite, an Italian company specialized in the development and production of mountain footwear, has launched a sustainable line of boots characterized by the use of recycled materials.
The boot has been designed to respond to high technical performance and thermal insulation. The sole is made of a compound that includes 30% recycled rubber and thanks to the combination with the functional design ensures excellent cushioning performance and durability. The midsole is made of 20% recycled EVA, the insole is made of 100% natural cork and an ergonomic footbed made of recycled polyurethane and recycled coconut fiber, which ensures comfort and facilitates walking while reducing fatigue. The upper and lining are made of full-grain leather. While the laces are made entirely of recycled materials.
The sustainable footwear line has been selected to be used as part of the Skyway Montebianco staff uniform, ski lifts that allow you to reach the summit of Mont Blanc.

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