Disassemblable wool and natural rubber boots

Boots made with a slow fashion approach and a local supply chain, with the aim of minimising environmental impact.
The boot is handcrafted and consists of only two separable components. The upper part is made of untreated wool, which is felted in a zero-waste process that compresses and mates the wool fibres through heat, moisture and pressure.
From the ball, the wool is combed to develop and shape the boot, layer by layer, without stitching, chemical treatments or dyeing. At the end of the process the boot is dunked in hot water and then dried in a wood-fired oven.
The boot cover is made of natural rubber, and the company is committed to sourcing it from certified plantations that guarantee biodiversity and environmental protection.
At the end of its useful life the boot is easily disassembled, the wool component is biodegradable while the rubber component is recyclable.
The company also supports reforestation projects that mitigate their impact by more than 50% of greenhouse gases equivalent to carbon dioxide emitted.

Source and image: voylok.com