DanaeTech: The armchair designed towards circularity

F.lli Rossetto, an Italian company in the furniture sector specialising in the production of polyurethane seating, has started a process aimed at applying circularity and environmental sustainability strategies. With the support of Matrec and the use of CircularTool, the design team has integrated the principles of ecodesign into new products, measuring circularity for each implementation made during the concept and engineering phases.
The first chair resulting from this important work is the DanaeTech armchair, whose strengths are its disassemblability and reparability. Designed and conceived to be durable, taking into strong consideration the end-of-life of the seat and the possibility of recovering and recycling the components.
The shell moulded in TECH® structural polyurethane, does not have an iron insert internally and any other metal parts provided are completely disassemblable from the product. Even in the version with certified wooden legs, it is possible to separate the wooden element from the seat so that it can be properly recycled.

Source and image: rossetto.it