Cutting-edge technology the new Coca-Cola packaging

Schoeller Alibert, a leader in packaging solutions, in collaboration with Coca-Cola Europacific Partners and recycler Healix, have developed a new technology that enables reusable beverage crates to be made from 97% recycled material.
The new packaging will consist of 85% post-consumer recycled HDPE and PP from the recovery of old generic red crates, and 15% EuCertPlastic certified post-consumer recycled HDPE from old tulip nets.
Already this year, the Dutch market will see the gradual introduction of 150,000 recycled plastic crates, which will gradually replace the old, damaged packaging.
Thanks to this project, Schoeller Allibert, by exploiting previously unrecovered recycled material streams, not only reduces CO2 emissions compared to crates made from virgin HDPE, but also introduces a new closed-loop recycling model in the packaging industry.

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