Compact All-in-One PC with biodegradable housing

Abacus Basic ™, an All-in-One computer integrated into a portable keyboard that can be connected with any monitor, has been introduced to the market. The pc is characterized by a footprint 63% smaller than a traditional desktop, with an energy efficiency of 15-18 watts equal to an LED bulb, whose housing is made of biodegradable materials.
The pc housing is in fact made with the use of a bio-plastic consisting of a thermoplastic polymers derived from waste corn starch, tapioca roots or sugar cane.
Designed in collaboration with the Royal College of Art design PostGrad Students, the pc is compact but powerful, runs most software and allows you to work as a normal desktop computer.
With Abacus Basic ™ the British company that designed it wants to demonstrate how technology, eco-design and the application of circular economy principles can be the key to sustainable technological innovation in the consumer electronics market.

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