Colthes made of circular materials

The international company Bonprix, following the other fashion brands, offers to its clients the first sustainable collection of clothing made of recycled and circular materials.
In line with the principles of circular economy, the materials used were selected taking into account their entire life cycle, their origin, processing and disposal.
Shirts, dresses, trousers and t-shirts are made of different sustainable fibres: cellulose fibre, a material that allows 99% of the solvents used in production to be recycled; recycled polyester coming from the recycle of PET bottles, once collected, cleaned and shredded, are melted and transformed into a fiber; recycled cotton made from production waste or old clothes that are chopped to make a new yarn. The fabrics are initially divided by colour, to avoid having to dye the fibres again;
organic cotton, a material that does not use harmful substances such as pesticides or fertilisers in both the cultivation and processing phases.
In addition to the use of circular materials, the company has improved the environmental impact of its production processes by using natural dyes, obtained from lemon peel, rose petals and lavender, and has decreased by 15% the use of water eliminate a pre-treatment for the coloring of their jeans.

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