Collection of biodegradable eyewear and lenses

Collection of biodegradable eyewear and lenses produced with bio-plastic obtained from hemp cellulose grown in the Dolomites, following a project of territorial conversion for the development of a green economy.
The sustainable collection was created by an Italian startup, which brings together a collective of industry experts and designers, who have decided to focus their efforts on bringing innovation to the world of eyewear, working only with sustainable materials.
The circular material used consists of a monoacetate of alpine hemp cellulose obtained through three biomechanical processes and a single biochemical step, without using chemical covalents, phthalates and other toxic components.
The formulation of the hemp bio-plastic is obtained through a mechanical and enzymatic transformation cycle that makes it a transparent, fireproof, elastic, workable, biocompatible and biodegradable material.
In addition, it stands out for the high differential of carbonic fraction produced and removed from the environment during the whole production cycle.

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