Circular economy: strategic asset of a fashion company

Nudie jeans is a Swedish company, whose business is based on pillars that see sustainability and the principles of the circular economy at the frontline. The company has chosen to use only certified materials trying to reduce the environmental impact of its products, 95% of the garments are made of organic cotton and or recycled.
In addition, in line with its strategy, it has introduced a structured network of shops for the repair of its garments and a second hand channel to promote the reuse of clothes in good condition, also giving the possibility to make donations to the recycling program.
In 2018 the company repaired more than 55,000 pairs of jeans, collected 10,000 pairs for reuse in other products and as repair materials, which means that more than 44,000 kg of fabrics and garments to throw away were saved, and also had a positive impact in terms of water consumption of more than 386,000,000 litres of water.
Starting from a natural material such as high quality organic cotton, the company’s products are characterized by a timeless design, with the intention of being able to wear them for a long time without the risk of having out of fashion garments.
Thanks to the collection of jeans, it has been possible to create a collection called Rebirth, which consists of a line of jeans, a jacket and a t-shirt with a 20% post-consumer recycled cotton content, 79% organic cotton and only 1% elastane.

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