Circular and bio-based materials for Playmobil

Playmobil, one of the world’s leading toy manufacturers, has confirmed that it has selected circular materials for the production of all items in its children’s portfolio, switching from traditional fossil-based to bio-based plastics.
The production of the new Playmobil JUNIOR play sets will be made from INEOS Styrolution’s bio-based ABS material, which includes 100% natural raw materials for all three conventional ABS components.
This makes it possible to increase the renewable raw material in the respective material, leaving only fossil-based additives.
The transparent toy components are made from MBS consisting of 90% bio-based raw materials. Both materials are supplied through an ISCC-certified mass-balance approach, ensuring that all Playmobil JUNIOR toys are made from at least 90% plant-based materials.
The new plastics used come from waste materials from the food or paper industry.
At least 90% recycled cardboard and 100% recycled paper is used for packaging.

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