Biodegradable straws as an alternative to plastic

Strongly linked to the issue of ocean pollution, straws are one of the main disposable plastic products subject to future restrictions and bans.
Many manufacturers have focused their efforts on research and development activities to propose new materials with the aim of eliminating the problem of disposable plastics without compromising the user experience or requiring a change in their consumption habits.
We highlight 5 types of biodegradable straws produced with circular materials alternative to traditional plastics:

1. Edible and environmentally friendly straws, made with glazed sugar, cornstarch and water. Produced by the company Sorbos, they can be customized with logos or greeting, to increase the appeal in commercial terms.
2. Edible straws made with oceanic algae, a natural material coming from a renewable source, which gives resistance to the product even when subjected to high temperatures. For the colouring, vegetable dyes such as spirulina, a blue algae, are used. Compostable because it degrades at the same time as food waste either in the compost or in a natural environment. Produced by Loliware, a US company.
3. Organic pasta straws, gluten free, produced with corn flour by Coop. Campo
4. Straws in natural organic straw, certified and coming from sustainable agriculture, produced by BioEvolution
5. Drinking straws made of sea straw , free of microplastics, have no negative effects on the marine ecosystem. A mass-produced solution that uses existing machinery, made by Sulapac

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