Bio-plastic cover

Ecoblvd, a mobile phone cover company, has chosen to use circular materials to make its products.
The Laguna and Sequoia collections are made of bio-plastic derived from cornstarch, sugar and plant-based materials, a compostable alternative to conventional plastic.
The cases in the Mojave collection are reinforced with a composite of grated corn, corn sugar, bamboo bark and bamboo fiber that give the product not only compostability at the end of its life, but also great strength in durability.
The materials are produced through fermentation, extracting starch from bamboo, corn, sugarcane and cassava and mixing it with acidic or bacterial enzymes.
This process converts starch into glucose, or sugar, and produces lactic acid.
Fiber is made by spinning the material and mixing it with activated carbon and dehydrating it in a vacuum oven.

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