Backpacks and lunch bags in certified paper

A company specialized in the production of bags, has developed a circular material based on cellulose to meet the growing market demand for ethical and environmentally friendly products.
The circular material used for the outer covering consists of a fabric made of paper, a renewable resource from responsibly managed forests, which is treated to ensure durability and long life.
The production process is certified and complies with the international management system in terms of efficient use of energy, and 93% of the water used during the process is returned to the system in its original condition, while the remaining 7% is lost through evaporation.
The material has a skin-like appearance, is washable, non-flammable and very light.
The collection consists of shopping bags, backpacks with polycotton side covers and lunch bags reinforced with a PEVA (polyethylene vinyl acetate) lining.

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