A sustainable car made from recycled materials

The University of Technology in Eindhoven, alongside several other partners, has promoted the “TU/ecomotive” project led by a team of students who designed sustainable cars.
The latest car presented to the market responds to the ambitious goal of transforming waste into precious resources that can be used to create Luca, the sustainable car. A main part of the chassis has been designed with a composite material based on flax, recycled PET and recycled PP from plastic collected from the oceans, to form a sandwich panel. The structure positioned in the front and back of the vehicle will be made of recycled aluminium, to lighten the car and reduce the amount of materials needed.
The body will be made using a thermoplastic material with the addition of GHG neutralizing additives, which significantly reduce CO2 emissions during their production process. The additives are derived from a patented production process that converts municipal solid waste.

Source and image: tuecomotive.nl