A new sustainable collection for Woolrich

A sustainable collection developed by the well-known outdoor clothing brand Woolrich in partnership with the design studio Griffin. The project boasts several collaborations and synergies between leading players in the fashion industry, who have contributed to developing the collection in limited edition, with the aim of conveying an important message: eliminate waste.
The sustainable capsule is based on 3 key concepts, such as the circular economy going to recover the textile production waste, the sustainable reuse of materials and the reduction of water consumption in production processes.
The discarded fabrics used come from high-end Italian suppliers and are characterized by breathability, water resistance and durability.
Together with the Italian company Majocchi, a manufacturer of technical fabrics, an innovative “Zero Water” process has been developed to reduce the excessive consumption of water caused by the dyeing phase of the garments.
In addition, in partnership with Seaqual, an organization committed to combating plastic pollution in the oceans, the idea of using fabrics derived from plastic collected on the Spanish coasts was born.
Woolrich in its path of sustainability began to lay the foundations for developing a project of traceability of materials to ensure greater transparency and sensitivity in the efficient use of resources through innovation.

Source and image: stories.woolrich.com