Sustainable Materials to Milan design week

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Milan Eco-Design Week 2014.

By Marco Capellini, architect.

The Milan Design Week is an opportunity to analyze how the companies of furniture sector are working on new market trends. In addition to the formal aspect of the products, colors and functionality, there is an essential element that characterizes the new proposals: the material.

Among products presented in Milan, our attention, as Matrec EcoMaterials Library, was focused on the materials and technologies used; especially on old and new proposals of sustainable materials and eco-design solutions. The choice to use environmentally sustainable materials is highlighted in design solutions proposed as evidence that companies are working with more attention at the theme of eco-innovation.

Materials obtained from cotton, fiber flax, hemp, silk, mulberry and vegetable ivory. Recycled materials derived from cellulose fiber, coffee, leather and agricultural biomass, are some of the material solutions used.

Matrec has collaborated with some of these companies to choice of eco-innovative material solutions: during the projects has emerged as the sensitivity of designers and companies have changed towards the research for new of natural and/or recycled materials. We have carried out researches and experimentations required to identify the most appropriate environmental materials for the products. We have evaluated the environmental profiles of the materials and realized technical sheets for each material with the objective to communicate to consumers the importance of sustainable aspects.

We highlight some products that we consider interesting from the point of view of the use of environmentally sustainable materials and manufacturing technologies employed.